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For those of you deeply feeling the force of this New Moon, I would like to hold a moment of compassionate clarity.  You are not alone and the road will become clear again.  Probably very soon.  I have decided to offer a shorter, more direct article on this specific Moon as the impact has been heightened for so many collectively.

This August / September arch has been unique as many Planetary combinations and forces shifted gears simultaneously.  We had Saturn stop his retrograde motion followed by Jupiter entering a new sign.  We also witnessed the Nodes of our Moon, Rahu and Ketu, switch signs.  Most of these transitions, along with Venus and Mercury, have highlighted and activated Gandanta points (collective Karmic knots) which can feel extremely heavy when impacting our personal life.  

As Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu are all colossal personalities, many of us have directly felt their towering presence in our daily lives.  They tend to completely rearrange a room when they enter it and it may not be the design you were expecting. 

This New Moon calls for stark conclusions; unions and separations.  That which should be unified will be wedded in the depths, but that which has no capacity to grow may be ripped apart.  Our Moon is asking us to finalize our contracts with whatever has been presented in the previous weeks. Big life decisions tend to take place under the influence of Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.  Now that our New Moon has fallen in the star sign of Uttara Phalguni, the sign of beneficial partnerships and marriage, the mood of the moment will be to completely end anything that is not bearing fruit or commit deeper to that which is fertile with possibilities.  

Though I would usually encourage us all to patiently renegotiate our contract with the world around us during an Uttara Phalguni New Moon, my observation is that it is time to either bring to a close that which has not supported what we wish to birth, or commit deeper to those activities and people who inspire the garden of our Soul.   

There will be strong energies of union and separation. Some individuals will experience this deeply in the collective.  They may find themselves even taking on the suffering of others which at this moment may not be avoidable.  Others will find this in their personal life.  It will affect each person according to their personal horoscope.  Either way, the best attitude at this moment may be compassionate fearlessness and tolerant adaptability as you are being asked to move into a completely new space, possibly even beginning again.   

My prayer for all of us during this time is for clarity and strength.  May we all support each other recognizing the sacredness as well as the vulnerability of the human condition.  The truth of the human condition is that it may change at anytime.  Life is transformation itself, and we have mistaken her for something other than Life if we mislabel her as constant.  When we walk in the shadow of this delusion, we demand of Life what she cannot provide for us; a guarantee.  She cannot give us the contract of consistency as that is not within her grasp.  She can however, promise transformation and growth, which are abundant fruits in her field.  I pray that we may all have the courage to shift our perspective to a mode of Life that does not continually lead us into this struggle.  There is great beauty around us that is ever changing.  May we all bathe in the infinite freshness of what each new moment is offering.  May we all truly understand the vastness of the nurturing side of our sister transformation.


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 



A Left-Handed Contract

What the shadow knows, he conceals from the light in fear of his own extinction.  

The shadow knows well that she (the light) will ruthlessly uproot his existence.  The shadow also realizes that without his relationship to her, contrast is impossible and a sea of darkness will swallow him, leaving him without definition.  This delicate dance between shadow and light is maintained with a secret agreement that is written by the left-hand while the right-hand goes about it’s linear perception of life.  

This may sound cryptic.  Yet this is the most basic, mundane foundation of life.  

That which is hidden remains concealed by that which is obvious. 

We may not pay attention to this, but this is true in every way and can be observed in repeating patterns all around us.  

Our Moon will be receiving full rays of effulgence while aligned with the sign of Shatabhishaka, which we have visited before.  Shatabhishaka is a star sign associated with mystery, concealment, discovery, ceremonies, investigation and the night.  It is the star sign of Cosmic Order and is a sister-sign to Anuradha, the sign of diplomacy, negotiation, oaths, the path and the other portion of Cosmic Law.  

Though we have visited Shatabhishaka before and learned about Varuna and Varuni, this Moon will be considerably different in feel and quality. 

 (Varuna and Varuni are Rig Vedic deities associated with this sign.  They are god and goddess of the cosmic waters below and above.  Akashaganga means ‘sacred river of the sky’ and refers to the galaxies.  Therefore, Varuna is truly a cosmic deity.) 

The Revelation; Freedom Unsustained

Let’s be prepared for the revelation that it is sometimes better to surrender and conserve energy for the escape, than it is to mindlessly fight that which we do not fully comprehend.  Perhaps we have underestimated the depth of what we are facing. 

If our own shadow is so adept at survival and can dodge the direct light of our awareness, imagine the shadow of the collective consciousness that has infinite places to hide and a plethora of excuses and justifications to pull out the hat!  

We often feel freedom is won by fighting or a kind of demonstration of will power, but we fail to see the obvious malnutrition that the fragile body of freedom is suffering from.  Freedom is a beautiful idea but a rarely visited location.  No doubt, freedom is discussed and debated gluttonously but in the end, her true image is neglected and even starved.  When we perceive our idea of freedom, we tend to limit her with our inability to see outside of our own circle.  We may need to bow our heads in surrender to the deeper, all-pervading intelligence in order to step out of our immediate circle and see more clearly.  

The Reckoning;  The Marriage of Head (Sky) and Path (Earth)

That which we label as a defeated may have spread seeds during the battle that are now trees in full bloom.  The DNA of past habits and tendencies live on well after personal victory.

The dismissal of critical realities serves no one.  The denial of problems only allows them to breed. It gives them more time with the shadow who loves to write contracts in the dark. 

We often think the core of an issue is rooted in a particular place.  Sometimes when we bow our head, we see the path that we have been treading up close and personal.  With our head down, we see the details of the path.  We can see who has followed us and what condition the path has left us in. 

The path that has led you to your current place is sacred.  This Moon is an excellent time to look back and acknowledge even the little steps.  Bewilderment may become gratefulness.  Loss may become gain. When the head is down, the heart rises higher.    Acceptance of that which cannot be immediately defeated, changed or even understood is wise for the next lunar month.    

If the enemy castes an unconquerable shadow, we may get farther by playing the role of the defeated (surrendered) so as to satisfy it’s ego and sneak past the guard in the middle of the night!  Self-righteous integrity slung at the face of a hydra-headed foe will only infuriate it’s need to dominate more.  It is time to be clever and have the humility to solve problems, even if it requires being in the background, unknown and unseen.  

Disconnected Connection; Hungry Hounds of the Cyber-Void  

The path to what we are really searching for often has it’s lay-lines through the internal network of our purer-self.  The most simplistic, authentic self within us is not wasteful or indulgent.  That ‘self’ is satisfied with just knowing.  This ‘knowing’ acknowledges itself within the eyes of all other living beings and drinks in that genuine connection.  It doesn’t blow a horn every time it enters the room and engage in experience-consumption to the point of insatiability.  On the contrary, it sees with fresh eyes each time it enters the same room and is at deeply satisfied.  The other self that is busy ‘signing agreements in the dark’ may constantly seek connection and validation outside, even in complex ways.  This self has a large appetite and the more it eats, the more dissatisfied it is.  

During this Moon we can remind ourselves it is OK to withdraw.  It is OK to retreat.  It is beautiful to find strength in surrender.  These actions often leave us feeling more connected though it would seem opposite.  We will be OK if we put down our phone and stay away from our laptop for one day.  We may even find ourselves refreshed and more available for the important people in our lives. 

Sometimes what we define as connecting, is entirely disconnected.  That which we see as disconnected and withdrawn, in reality is more connected. 

Are we more interested in each others projection than the reality of the experience we share on Earth? Our beautifully constructed illusions are entertaining but do they provided the nourishment of true substance?  

My prayer for us all during this Full Moon is that we all take time to acknowledge the center of gravity within each living being around us.  May we see the real value of others without requiring anyone to prove their outer worthiness.  Our outer-selves are literally shadows within shadows, often concealing the places we truly to need to be held.  

May we consider that sometimes when we fight for a cause without proper understanding, we complicate life for others.  I pray that we all wake up to the fact that we no longer need teams.  Earth is weeping for unification.  The more we sow division, the more she drinks the blood of her own children.  

May we realize how infinitely connected we are in the silence of the truth we share, unified through breath our Ancient Goddess Earth.  I pray that we all invite that depth of silence into our hearts even for two hours during this Full Moon.  May we put aside our external selves constructed of opinions and personality long enough to look down and see the path we are actually walking.  Honor this time to see who else is journeying the long road with you. How long have they been next to you without meaningful acknowledgement?  

Our heads are heavy with too much information.  May they rest on the lap of the Earth. I pray that we let our hearts rise by allowing our heads to bow. As the intellect sinks into the Earth, the intelligence of the heart is called forward to act. The head has many voices but the heart has one.  When we reside here, we are not deceived by those who wish to sow seeds of discord and disinformation.  The indisputable fact is that we all share this time, this space, and each action or word impacts others even if by a little.  

May we all drink from the Awakened Ocean. 

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

-Gautama Buddha


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 





I would like to begin this time by bowing in reverence to the great Serpent of Time and the raw energy of the Infinite Void that supports the backbone of all major eras and cycles.  She has ages and ages of imprints wound around her ancient spine.  With every wave the wheels of each vertebrae spins clockwise or counter-clockwise, releasing the fragrance of the past and winding a knot around the present.  She eternally performs the wedding vows of the past with the present, who in turn give birth to the future.  

Even the stars are seduced by the fertile blackness of her hair.  Her bracelets and anklets are winding serpents that receive their life-breath from the luminescence of her effulgent dark skin. She is called Adi Shakti“the first or primal force.” She is the backdrop of each experience and the secret witness to all events, at all times and all places.  She is the cause, the beginning of the journey and the return.

I wanted to offer a telescopic view of her intoxicating mystery reflected in the macrocosm before zooming into the results of her dance as it appears on the microcosm.  Sometimes it is medicinal to see the big picture and the beauty of the tapestry, especially when the microscopic view is focused on a nasty kink in the fabric.  That kink, though seemingly disharmonious, many not interrupt the flow of the tapestry at all when we see the whole design.   The trap of this microscopic focus leads to pettiness.  In this restriction of view, we lose grasp of what is actually important to the larger picture.  We narrow our life experience and our vision becomes impaired.  


As we are all aware, this new Moon brings forward a powerful eclipse.  Contrary to popular belief, eclipses happen often and are not always extreme.  However, this specific solar eclipse seems quite significant and is charged with polarity.  We find Sun, Moon and Rahu (north node of the Moon) in star sign of Magha.  Based on a fixed star system of astrology, you can identify the yogatara (empowered star) of this nakshatra(star sign) by locating the star Regulus

Magha is known as the “throne room.”  It is a place of authority, responsibility, power, the sacrifices that we must make when holding the position of power and the maturity that one must accept when receiving the crown.  This is the ability to hold the big picture with all of it’s details, as more important than our individual small imprint of self. Magha is associated with the Eagle for this reason.  When holding the torch of leadership, we no longer think for ourselves as an individual, but as part of the larger whole of life.  The drop realizes it is only part of the Ocean. 


Magha has another side that is just as potent.  It is the sign of leaving the body, i.e., astral travel, sleep paralysis and departed spirits.  Magha governs part of the dream world, such as waking dreams, psychic manifestations and visitations from ancestral spirits and deities.  It is at once a sign of ruling in the material world and a sign of waking up to the other side of life, the so-called world of the dead that mirrors the living.  Truth is, both are living.  It becomes a matter of what we define as ‘life.’  A true ruler is aware of consequences and the ripple effect of their decisions. Therefore Magha nakshatra is the abode of true leadership, both externally and internally. 

For spiritual and occult practitioners, for those students of the mystery schools, this eclipse is most definitely significant.  Through the doorway of Magha, we gain command over our intentions.  It allows us to step into a deeper commitment with the integrity of our practice.  It is also an amplified moment for inner communion and rituals of a secret nature.  

As this eclipse is also taking place in what we call a gandanta point (a knot of karma), we may observe very intense responses to the vibrations.  These vibrations may interrupt the harmonious tune and the melody may sound unpleasant for a moment.  It is therefore an excellent time to question oneself, to reflect and not to reject that which is unpleasant.  


This eclipse should bring about eye opening events in the weeks before and the weeks proceeding.  It will reveal what we define as authority and our intimate relationship with force.  It may pull forward energies that thrive on the illusion of entitlement as well as the hot-temper of unsatisfied retaliation against humiliation.  We may see outbursts of justified or righteous frustration as a result of oppression as well as unjustified expressions of dominance.  

As Magha is a sign of the ancestors, this eclipse is also a portal or doorway to sitting with them.  It can be a time of communicating with those who have crossed to the pathway of spirit.  This is a window of cleansing and an invitation to honor traditions that are rooted deep in the past.  If we prepare for the opening that is being offered, we may hear whispers of the past urging us to learn from those who have been at the crossroads before us.


Magha is also a sign of bravery.   A sign of fixed resolve.  Both material responsibility and spiritual integrity depend on fixed resolve.  Magha is a star of large concerns.  Concerns that embrace us all.  The cries of which form an Ocean, where as our own limited self concerns are only a drop.

My prayer for us all at this time is that we allow the twin serpents of wisdom and courage to rise up our spine.  May they enter the cave of our inner awareness and illumine our secret pathways. May the chambers of power and the storehouses of energy be entered only with a vow to never harm another living being.  We are drops in an infinite Ocean.  May the ancestors guide us towards that which is truly beneficial for all.  May our investment in our own self-centered story decrease and may we invest our life’s breath in a story that has greater meaning and value for the entire Ocean of beings that share the journey with us.  May we increase the dignity of our ancestors by living for a deeper purpose than self gratification.  

There is no well as deep as the well of compassion.  There is no water as alive as the living waters of unbiased love for other beings. There is no greater tool than that of true understanding.  In unconditional love, we all find the path to true power; a power that unites and protects, that would never take away another beings right to happiness.   

Suggested Listening: 

“All life is sacred.  We come into life as sacred beings.  When we abuse the sacredness of life we affect all Creation.” 

Chief Arvol Looking Horses


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 





Let’s prepare ourselves for the uncoiling of the Cosmic Serpent.  She has been tightly wound, absorbed in her own grasp.  As she unwinds, scale by scale, ages of old debris begins to flood the waters.  She loosens her grip and exhales in relief that she no longer has to hold anything.  Her movement is so powerful, it shifts the plates of the Earth and moves the oceans.  She attains freedom of movement. 


Shravana, the star sign that our Moon will align with, is symbolized by the ear and is a sign of listening.  Our Sun, just entered the star sign of Ashlesha, the Serpent, a sign of vibration and transformation (alchemy).  The Waxing Moon cycle in Shravana is said to be governed by the elemental heavenly Peacock who awakens us to the dawn and resides in the ether (space) element.  The Waning Moon cycle of Shravana is driven by the black Vulture of earth element who possesses the power to attract and absorb sound and light.  

As Moon approaches fullness, her light is is benevolent and reflects the grace of the heavenly Peacock. A bird who is able to digest poison.  The ether element indicates a special relationship with sound.  As Moon leaves her exact moment of fullness and puts her first foot forward toward her Waning cycle, the key of time is handed to the magnetic Vulture who carries the reality of Earth.  Drawing the rays of the Sun and Moon and absorbing then into the rich soil of Earth, perpetuating the cycle of life.  


We are facing a tidal wave of transformation.   A change of the key holders.  We will find ourselves facing doors that offer great healing but that require an initiation to enter.  Though Shravana is gentle and moveable sign, she will be catching the light of Ashlesha.  Just as the ear receives sound, Shravana receives the vibrations of any guest.  

We may hear unpleasant news. We may face unexpected and possibly hard to digest realities.  

Our definition of heaven may be redefined.  We may be called upon to help someone in need.  

When Ether transfers power to Earth, a clash of vital life force interrupts the rhythm of the breath.  These two elements have a completely different pulse or heart beat. They are both considered feminine and both are containers in their own right.  A dramatic shift in direction can be expected which is remedied by receptivity, adaptability and remaining aware of the subtle shifts happening in our lives.  These little things may become an ocean of sound, changing the entire song of our lives.  It is wise to acknowledge them as they build and release the old so that we have the space to contain that which is fresh.  

Why accept rotten meals from our mind?  Old energies that have spoiled and wound around our mind do not allow the fresh breeze to enter.   If we wonder why we so easily slide into a negative mood, it may be that we are constantly subjecting ourself to the terrible scent of mold and aged nourishment.  The company in our room is sour.  Of course we are quick to enter a moody space!  Who wouldn’t?  
We are the company we keep.  That refers to the guests in our mind and heart as well. 

 That which is toxic from the past continues to force feed us and we cling to it like a treasure.  It poisons the mind and disturbs peace.  Releasing and opening space allows new energy to enter.  


During the Full and New Moon, a great change of guard takes place.  A change from the bright half of the month (waxing) to the dark half of the month (waning).  One elemental bird hands the key to another and the vibration changes tone.  The bright half builds and increases, the dark half deconstructs and decreases.  One looks forward, the other looks within.  

This is a time to accept the things we cannot change. However, it is also equally a time to chose those actions which do aid transformation.  


The story of Shravana is linked with a great king of ancient days who allows his immense achievements to be taken from him for the welfare of the Earth.  In doing this, he goes against the advice of his Guru (teacher) and submits himself to this sacrifice without completing the ritual that would've made him immortal.  So he surrenders his own invincibility to honor the request of Nature and Cosmic order.  He bows his head. 

We may find ourselves redefining our teachings or even reversing our obedience to a specific teaching.  We may find a new teaching that is more in line with what cosmic order is asking of us. 

We may even discover our own asymmetric path through the heavens and let go of the idea that the path must be linear to be valid. 

Lending an ear to a friend in need is an excellent service at this time.  You can benefit so many others just by hearing them, listening to them or in other words, by truly receiving them.  Sometimes this is the greatest medicine.  


This is a very stimulating Moon for music.  For those of you who work with sound, this is your Moon.  It may be that you receive the inspiration for a master piece.  There is no need to push it to completion during this Moon.  The completion may arrive during the next New Moon (a full dark-half cycle).  


My prayer for all of us during this Shravana Full Moon, is that we allow the great Serpent of Time within us to relax herself.  She no longer needs to hold anything.  She is ready to shed her skin and be reborn.  I pray that we all find that which is worth holding onto and allow the corrosion of the past to be exposed and released.  

May the waste of past injury wash away in the Cosmic Waters. 

May we find ourselves washed of expectations of the past.  Let’s allow the Vulture to do her job and devour the carcasses that weigh us down.  Why cling to age old carnage?  It is time to exit the battle field.  It is ecstasy to let go, yet so many of us cling.  I pray that we all gain the medicines of the deep through the process of courageous inner alchemy.  May we become receptive and absorb that which heals, that which moves deep within, cleansing all internal elements.   


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JULY 23rd, 2017 NEW MOON 

Our July New Moon will be delighting in the intensity of etheric vibration, aligned with Pushya, the star sign of the Priest of Sacred Sound and the Guru of the gods.  This star sign holds special significance to the Moon which we will visit below.  Our Moon will be surging with the song of life, moving our moods according to the honest longings in the heart.  She will encourage the evaluation of the true meaning of life and love and the consequences of sacrificing our personal truth.   What is the value of remaining true to ourselves?  Most of us discover that this is priceless.  Those of us who have sacrificed it, come to deeply understand it’s worth.  Ignorance lost is wisdom gained, and the lessons are invaluable.

Brihaspati, the Guru (teacher) of the gods, is the attributed deity of the star sign Pushya.  Pushya is his abode and from the this foundation he awakens the worlds to the secret inner truth that lives diversely within each of us.  Each individual has their own cosmic sound, their note in the orchestra of life.  Each one has a  relation to the universal order.  Each one of us carries a lamp of personal truth that ties us to the infinite principles of life as a whole.  Brihaspati whispers the most intimate tune into our hearts and vivifies our inner awareness.  He rings the bell of individual consciousness while tuning us to the universal truth of connectivity and oneness.   

 The Moon has a strange relationship to Pushya in Vedic Astrology, as the Moon seduced the wife of Brihaspati.  Tara (Brihaspati’s wife) felt as if she was being neglected and unappreciated by her husband who was always tending to his important work of teaching the gods and expounding cosmic secrets and laws.   She felt secondary to his mission.  Moon (Chandra) knowing this took advantage of the situation and seduced her.  Tara became pregnant instantly and gave birth to Mercury (Budha) who Brihaspati reluctantly accepts.   Brihaspati is true knowledge, Moon is the principle of mind and emotions.  Tara is the Shakti or power of knowledge.   When she united with Moon, the intellect (Mercury) was born.  Throughout his stories, Mercury has quite an unconventional life in many respects and he is clever, intelligent and wise being a child of pure Mind and the power of Knowledge.

 Brihaspati accepts Mercury (Budha) as born of his own Shakti (feminine power).  In the same way, the inner observer, the ‘knower’ or wisdom holder within all of us accepts the intellect and it’s many thoughts and expressions as part of the whole-self.  The ‘knower’ within us understands the seduction of emotions and realizes that it’s own force becomes entangled with the drama of life through the medium of feelings.  Pushya gives us permission to untangle our untouched self from the emotions and thoughts that veil our simplicity.  We participate daily in our own illusions and these illusions can be more seductive than the foundational truth of who we are.   Pushya allows us to step outside of the romance of the emotional self and to feel the vibration of our real soul-center which is unmoved by the river of time.  

If we are currently experiencing lack of trust in our own inner-knowing, we can become more attentive to her.   We can pay attention to her regardless of the outer responsibilities of our lives or any other excuse we may choose.  She requires us to kindle the fire and look her in the eye.  If we look the other direction, she begins to feel neglected.  She is easily seduced by the emotional Moon.  Emotions provide her with many answers, keeping her occupied through the night.  When she loses her confidence in the stability of our self-knowing, she identifies with the various feelings that define us.  The song of the inner chamber of the heart is always singing to us but we go far outside of ourselves to seek shelter in unstable and unsatisfying places.  Our minds seduce us to believe one thing or another, often times leading us away from the center of our circle.   

 Mercury, who is skillful, helps us identify with talents but even talents do not define the truth of a being.  We learn this when we lose the ability to perform in capacities that previously graced us.  The inner-knower is solid and centered without basing it’s confidence on what it can ‘do’.  In this sense, when we remove all of the identities that may potentially divide us, we see the whole humanity and creatures of the Earth sharing one essence and thriving on the substance of that which cannot be tied to conditional love.   

Mercury may ask what is the use of one single ant and calculate no value to it’s life, but Brihaspati looks into the ant’s heart and sees it’s desire to live, to simply exist.   

By this attribute, Brihaspati becomes the protector of the law of life and the defender of the rights of all beings.  It is never conditional.  Talents, skills, intelligence and wealth become a conditional appreciation and may cause infatuation.  Knowledge, however, dispels the darkness of insecurity and has no need to prove anything to exist or be appreciated.  Actually, knowledge itself becomes life without need for explanation.  All beings are worthy of love and conditions dissolve in the face of true knowledge.   

The inner self, who ‘knows’ us most intimately needs no justification or even emotion to validate it.  Emotions come from it, yet they often want to claim that they are the source. They are beautiful and help us connect with life, but they make poor leaders.  They are like a rushing river without a shoreline.  They will lead us far out to sea before we realize we are off course.  Only when we look back we see the wreckage.  During this Pushya New Moon, it is good to realign ourselves with the personal rituals, ceremonies, routines and schedules that re-center us.  What aligns you with your most sincere intention in life?  Who are you when stripped of all societal justifications?  Who in your life holds your personal truth as important and valuable?  Which habits keep you at the center of the wheel so that you are not being rocked by so many currents?  Trust is to be earned, not given.  Yet, our own inner knower needs no introduction and has earned our trust long ago.  It is time to question the one who is eager to seduce (the emotional self) and ask that one to step back in line so that our daily lives do not carry us far from shore.  Emotions actually increase in richness and quality when they are in the company of constraint and discernment.  Discipline and raw emotion compliment each other.  This is the anticipation one feels when holding back intense desire and then releasing it when the time is right.   

Pushya teaches us that emotions are a privilege and any unique flavor they add to our lives is not to define our true sense of identity but to enrich the experience of that identity.   

My prayer for all of us during this Pushya New Moon is that we all raise our voices in honor of the life around us regardless of it’s usefulness.  May we see the divinity everywhere, even within that which is outwardly undesirable. May we acknowledge that each being has a unique right to exist and by respecting life in this honest way, may we turn towards our own truth and welcome it back into our lives;  understanding fully that this is the priceless treasure that should never be sacrificed or questioned.  May we protect and nourish those beings who have no protection and no nourishment.  May we all rise in the genuine love around us and avoid falling prey to excuses that keep us from being accountable to innocence of life and responsible to the upkeep of our own inner garden.    


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JULY 8th, 2017 FULL MOON 

The founder of of Biodynamic Agriculture, Austrian Rudolf Steiner, believed in the the power of Color and Art Therepy. The image above was painted in this tradition by Ninetta Sombart.

The founder of of Biodynamic Agriculture, Austrian Rudolf Steiner, believed in the the power of Color and Art Therepy. The image above was painted in this tradition by Ninetta Sombart.

This month, we find ourselves journeying to an intersection of water and flame. Though our minds often associate these two forces as opposite, their child, the mist, can envelope the land touching both sky and earth.  She reinvigorates all she touches.  She also veils us and restricts what we can and cannot see, particularly those things which are far ahead on the path.  For those who have the sight, the mist can be a friend.  For those who have not discovered how to become subtle enough to befriend the mist, she will most definitely veil the path ahead. 

Our Full Moon will be aligned with Purva Ashadha nakshatra this month.  A nakshatra we have visited before as a New Moon.  This is the sign of the waters, of the mists, of energization and the gaining of strength.  As a Full Moon, she is receiving direct attention from Sun and Mars, the two fire-keepers.  Together, the cool water evolves into steam, and the mists spread through the land.  Our Moon will be fully illumined with the haunting song of transformation.  The position of the other Planets from our Moon suggest that winds of change will gain momentum and new opportunities that still seem skewed by the fog of the future will begin to show their form.  Be careful of illusions, but also call forward the truth from the mists.  Do not be shy with your request.   If the mist invites you to move with her, this is a time to move forward with energy even if you can’t see the path clearly.  If she blocks your view and borrows your energy, it is best to honor her request that you replenish yourself and rest before moving forward. 

Purva Ashadha is directly linked to individual philosophies as well as the broad universal philosophies that ring true for all.   Apas (Water Goddess) carries knowledge from shore to shore.  She kisses each shoreline with the stories and songs of life.  The people then carry the wisdom and melody to others and this serves to inspire and invigorate the masses.   Purva Ashadha is a sign of the multitudes, of universal love for all as opposed to the personal love we feel for our immediate dear ones.   This sign can also be blinding when amplified, just as the knowledge we cloak ourselves with may serve more as a veil even when we believe it to be revealing truth.  When this process happens, we become too dogmatic or rigid in our belief system.  Often when we are certain we know something esoteric or mysterious, we have misunderstood the value of the secret itself.  As the mind locks itself around personal view points, it can become crystallized and lose its fluidity.  Many of us think we have the broad view of the world.  This Moon gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves and our beliefs so that even this elevated understanding that we think ourselves to possess, is put to the test.  How comfortable are we with sitting in the unknown without defining her? 

Purva Ashadha asks us to move away from any stagnation and rigidity.  It is also famously a sign of respectful debate; a sign of testing one’s theories.  Our Moon will be working to elevate our understanding of life and clean our minds of that which is creating limitations in our view.    She may present situations which confront those parts of us that refuse to move away from a treasured piece of information that is no longer valid on our journey.  She may offer new insight into that which we need.   It is time to bath in her mists and allow her to cleanse the path before us. 

All purification rituals and those prayers or ceremonies which serve to reinvigorate our lives will be powerful.  If you have a room in your home, a sacred item or any other object that needs to be cleansed of the residue of the past, this is the time to do it.  If you have items that need to be released and discarded, it is also a good Moon to surrender them.  If they are an organic material, you may even wish to release them into the ocean, river or stream.   It is an excellent opportunity to celebrate those traditions that carry wisdom through water, such as tea traditions and many others that involve transference of energy through liquids.  Though this is a sign of philosophy, it is better to be silent or hold the tongue in prayer. Leave opinions out of the room.  Release the old view-points into the river so that you can expand.  Receive new eyes.   Allow the moment to move with inspiration and share the oneness of all life so that when we arise from the sacred place, our philosophy will no longer be divisive (even if we believe we have no divisive beliefs, we often do.)

Purva Ashadha being a sign of universal love and philosophy, has also been termed the sign of war.  As majority of wars have had the excuse of religion or belief backing them, we can understand how dangerously powerful this force is.   The need for humans to transcend their humanity has often led to tragedy.  I call all of us, brothers and sisters forward, to wield our weapons of belief with caution.  Even a good belief can become a deadly weapon.  In the attempt to leave the human condition behind, we lose our unity and the one thing that unites us.  We lose the song of the Earth.  We lose story of the animals, the birds, the fish, the insects, the plant-life, the minerals and even the stars themselves.  While we seek the paradise of heaven, we forget to honor the paradise under our feet.  

My prayer for all of us in this time is to step into the magic of the mists without needing to own, wield or limit her.  May we release control, ownership, greed, arrogance, aggressive view-points and the will to separate ourselves from others. May we gain a new understanding of self-protection.  As we step further into the path of our opinions, we leave many brothers and sisters behind who would thrive in our company otherwise.  As long as we see ourselves divided, we are not an ocean of humanity in full power, but separate streams that are easily controlled. May we find freedom in true understanding of the power of unity.  I pray that all of us learn the sacred art of bringing peace to the hearts of others.  I pray that no one is left out.  May the flames of frustration, resentment, misconception and anger be cooled by the mists of true understanding.  From a place of understanding, we can reclaim our sacred ground.  May we respect the boundaries and beliefs of others, knowing that all rivers lead to the same ocean. 


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JUNE 23rd, 2017 NEW MOON 

Following the transitional marker of the Summer Solstice, we find our new Moon aligning with the sign of Ardra, star of the Vedic god Rudra, the howler and dissolver.  Rudra was born of the Creator’s intense burst of frustration when his plan for populating the universe was blocked by his own sons (creations) who only desired the spiritual life.  Seeing their disobedience and unwillingness to comply, his anger took birth from his forehead and became Rudra.  This nakshatra (star sign) indicates deep disappointment in the reality of some expectations.  Usually those expectations of others that are not in line with their nature.  It also invokes the realization of the effort that is needed to temper and pull constraint on inner despair that can quickly carry us away in a storm of emotion.  

Ardra is the place where disappointment meets great irritation and the spontaneous clash of energy ripples through like a storm.  With that said, Ardra is known to sculpt deeply innovative, successful and spiritual people as their rebellion against the normal demand of society leads them to great awareness of vital truths.  This quality of facing the obstructive and undesirable forces of life equips individuals born under Ardra to become fearless.  Courage blooms within their hearts. 
The moodiness of this Moon may be felt in many ways depending on what area of our life requires demolition and dissolution so we may welcome the abundance of the following star, Punarvasu, the star of the return of light.  Rudra is a fierce, wild and stormy god who has a special relationship with rebellion and challenging the established order.  Rudra is lord of all feral, untamed animals and living things, as well as events that spring forth with great force and intensity.  Through the energies of Rudra, we abolish that which needs to be released and we eliminate the obstacles of the path.  The result of this is great freedom even if there is an initial grief in the release.  The freedom that is attained through Ardra nakshatra is quality.  When we loosen our grip on false constructs, the truth of our situation can illumine our lives and awaken our true mission.  We step into integrity with our purpose.
This New Moon will not be subtle.  Our Moon will be holding a mirror so that we can clearly see what clothes we’ve covered our minds with. We will see what we are wearing and whether our minds are dressed accordingly to achieve our goal or focus.  Ardra’s energy is that of removal.  It is time to burn the old clothing that we cling to.  Sometimes we are holding something so closely and dearly that we lose sight of why we originally became so attached.  This can be an attitude, a habit, a person or anything that continuously has us shaking hands with disenchantment.  This Moon marks an excellent time to completely dispel self-perpetuated unhappiness by expecting of others that which they can never deliver.  See clearly.  The appetite of this Moon is craving for radical honesty.  She is providing us with a clear path to throw out something useless and gain that which has substance and can actually provide fulfillment. 
This star sign is associated with the Orion constellation and specifically the star or yogataara Betelgeuse.  It is referred to as wet in reference to the rain and storms.  This is also in reference to the symbol of this sign, which is the tear drop.   Ardra is associated with great turmoil and frustration at times but it is also indicative of great achievement and emotional refinement. 
My prayer for all of us during this transition is that we recognize the doors that are opening and look away from the doors that closed long ago.  May we see the path clearly and attire ourselves appropriately for the task at hand.  I pray for all to have true confidence restored from any place it has been stolen.  May hurtful poisons transmute into medicine.  May disappointment and disenchantment be dispelled and may we all send invitations to those things and people that return the light to our lives.  

Eve became a serious student of Astrology at a young age.  In 1994, she met her first Astrology teacher, who taught her how to construct charts by hand and led her to the feet of Jyotish Shastra, or more commonly known as Vedic Astrology.  Eve spent 10 years in India studying Vedic Astrology as well the sacred art of Mantra as well as Ayurveda, and under the request of her teacher began offering readings in 2010.


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JUNE 9th, 2017 FULL MOON 


Our full Moon will be aligned with Antares, the principle star or Yogataara of the Vedic sign Jyeshtha.  Jyeshtha is the constellation of the King of the gods, Indra.  This is a sign weighted with many responsibilities.  These duties involve protecting the throne of the heavens from dark forces as well as maintaining spiritual merit worthy of wielding such authority.  Not just anyone can sit in this seat, and Indra guards this seat fiercely with the power of his tapas (mystic austerity).   Though Indra is a great soul, he is also subjected to powerful jealousy, lust, rage and arrogance that lands him in trouble often.  When Indra makes a mistake, the entire heavenly realm suffers with him.  Thus, the responsibility to protect in this sign is felt greatly. 
Jyeshtha is a defensive and sometimes offensive sign, symbolized by the charmed amulet; a sign of magical protection and influence.  It is also represented by an earring, a sign of identity and status and the umbrella, a symbol of the ruling class.  The magical amulet also shows the desire to test one’s own will against fate; to take control or take destiny into one’s own hands.    There are many other elements to this nakshatra, such as its connection with Alakshmi (literally ‘without Lakshmi’) but we will keep this simple for clarity’s sake.  It is potent to note however, that the word Jyeshtha often refers to the eldest in the family. 
As our Moon quickly approaches slow-moving retrograde Saturn, let’s brace ourselves for the weeks ahead. Let’s pay attention to the strong emphasis on Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn this week.  In the same time frame, Jupiter, another slow-moving Planet who has been retrograde, will be going direct.  Saturn and Jupiter both share an interest in the masses and social structure.  They also blend well in policy making and social service.  Saturn is the Planet of the authority of the people, as opposed to the Sun who is singular or individual authority or the power of the government.  Those who rule or govern are indicated by the Sun and Moon.  Jupiter is the Planet connected to the welfare of the people and society, as a whole. Most things which are supportive of a thriving society, hinge on Jupiter.  Including a healthy political foundation. 
With Mercury, Mars and Venus in the sidelines of the Sun, and Moon quickly moving through the middle path of Jupiter and Saturn, we will see an eruption of energies surface related to personal and societal life.  Government, sensitive information and most of all security will be topics.  National or homeland security is a major theme with the sign of Jyeshtha.  As the Moon shows us what energy will be allowed to grow, the energies related to Jyeshtha such as attack, defense, protection and possible domination will be elevated. 
During this Moon, the outcome of our decisions may be under extreme examination.  How secure have our boundaries been?  What has been our life’s policy?  Has our magical will aligned us with protection or left us vulnerable to outside forces?  It is time to reclaim and rewrite our intentions.  It is also time to honor our shields, acknowledging that protection is welcome.  Just as the body has a natural immune response to invasion, the mind and heart have an automatic response to those things which we need to flush out and guard against.  

Trust your intuition.  Trust your own inner council.  This is not the time to rely on others for direction.  It is a time to reclaim your self.   Reclaim all parts of yourself that are wondering on various paths, and pull them into one focus.  Straighten that which is bent and unhinged.  No one knows what you truly need as clearly as you do.  Trust yourself.  Have faith in your own internal compass.  When you care for your real needs, the umbrella of your security can extend to others.  Until you have reestablished your center and called forth your energy from places it does not belong, it is best not to let anyone inside your inner gates.
Our animal, bird and plant friends connected to Jyeshtha are the male deer (Stag) and male rabbit, the brahmani duck and crow and the silk-cotton tree.  We can honor these friendships to invoke the healing energies of Jyeshtha and contemplate the natural intelligence present in these life forms. Connecting with natural forces balances our minds and puts life into proper prospective. There is a great need for this when Jyeshtha is operating.
My prayer for all of us during this Jyeshtha Full Moon is that we can reclaim all energy that has been lost.  All that we may have given away from carelessness or folly, may those wounds be healed. May forgiveness be granted.  Whatever we have misplaced, may we learn and regather strength. May we reclaim our power from those who do not deserve it. (This includes those who have hurt us.  When we feel intense emotion towards someone we are draining our river into their pond.  Withdraw that which is naturally vital to you.) May that which has been straying find its way back.  It is time to understand our birth rite.  May the misfortune of yesterday be uprooted and may the beauty of true prosperity be allowed to enter the fortress of your life.   


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MAY 25th, 2017 NEW MOON 

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 12.12.42 PM.png


On May 25th, our New Moon will be aligning with the red-eyed, fertile star of Aldebaran.  This yogataara (self-empowered star) we refer to in Sanskrit as Rohini, the red one.  This star is given special importance as being the favorite of the Moon god in Vedic cosmology.  Due to his favoritism to this beautiful, enchanting star, Chandra (Moon) was cursed to wane. His effulgence lost its stability.  This unique feature separates Rohini from all other star signs and gives her a very special link to the waxing and waning cycles of our Moon; highlighting the attributes of increase and decrease associated with Chandra (Moon) in Vedic astrology.   This also links her with the cycles of fertility on the Earth and in all living creatures. 

Rohini can be felt in the abundant, fertile Earth.  She is the cosmic creative force.  We can hold the symbol of the golden egg entwined by the mystic serpent in our mind’s eye and grasp something of her innate power.  The entwining serpents of genetics, the building blocks of life are her imprint. She is blissfully potent and full of all possible attributes.  The divine imagination, the dream of the Creator is her dance.  No wonder Chandra, Moon, who is the producer of Manas (Mind itself) was intoxicated by her infinite beauty.  Her cosmic energy lives in the forehead (pineal gland; hormonal balance and fluctuation).  She is everything desirable and delicate. The original magnetism of the Creator shines forth from her eyes like golden honey.  She holds a cup flowing with memories of a golden age with virgin soil, nutrient dense air and unshakeable stability.  A time long forgotten when the dream of the Creator was still new and fresh.  An era where agriculture would be considered violence.  The beings of the Earth could be revitalized by breath and moisture alone; an enchanted paradise.  As Moon waxed and waned through the ages, the spiral of life began to move in cycles and Rohini’s original innocence takes different shapes. 
Her basis above is the Plant world, her basis below is the Waters.  Her sole desire is to attract a lover and unite with him.  The result of these three factors is Creation itself.   Rohini is directly related to the primal force of creation and the god associated with this nakshatra (star sign) is the Creator, Brahma.  Rohini is the seat ofRohana Shakti, which means “the power to create growth”. 
Though Rohini is an excessively fertile sign, granting growth, creativity and abundance, it is wise to remember that not everything that grows is benevolent.  Many things that grow rapidly in secret places are deadly or dangerous.  Never underestimate those things that grow within our mind.  A fantasy may bloom into a beautiful reality but it may also result in an unexpected downward spiral.  This Moon asks us to bring our creations into the light.  Rohini presents us with the question “what seeds am I sowing?”  And furthermore, “what will grow from my current mind-set and emotional environment?” 
Any of you that may have the star of Rohini present in your horoscope, it is good to remember that you are calling forth the dream into existence.  Rohini gives great power to grow any seed planted in her field.  She will even nurture the crop of restriction if restriction is permitted to enter her.  Hence Planets like Saturn who have a self-contained or restrictive nature were not traditionally considered to be desirable when aligning with Rohini.  There is a famous story of a terrible famine due to Saturn entering Rohini.  I do not wish to frighten anyone with Saturn in Rohini.  On the contrary, many people with Saturn in Rohini manifest wealth, stability and growth but this may stem from their ability to cultivate or grow the qualities of Saturn’s discipline.  She will grow an abundant amount of obstructive energy if that is the crop that is allowed to take root.   This fertility of Rohini is expressed in material as well as mental.  As a matter of fact, for a Rohini individual, the world of matter and the energetic world of spirit are often intertwined.  The womb of our mind becomes pregnant with that which we allow to remain. 
Rohini’s bird is the owl.  Her animal is the male serpent.   As you may have noticed above, instead of associating the owl with all-knowingness, or knowledge, I have extracted the quality of sight alone to define the owl.  We can say that to see is to know, but with the owl this power of sight is quite specific to being a witness.  The owl is a silent witness to that which happens in the dark (the mystery), in all degrees.  When the third-eye is activated, we “see in the dark.”  To witness in the dark, on the wings of an owl is a cryptic way to express deeper yogic states of awareness.  The owl is completely silent and avoids detection with its specially designed feathers.  The owl can also see 360 degrees. She witnesses everything hidden and she sees all while everyone else is unaware.  There is a saying that to witness wakefulness in the deep-sleep state is to rise from the matrix of life; to see through the illusion of Creation and awaken to who you really are as the Creator herself / himself.
In the biblical stories of the garden of Eden, it is the winged, feathered serpent who approaches the female with the fruit of knowledge.  Not just any knowledge, but the “knowledge of good and evil.”  The very basis of Creation is duality.  Though I am inclined to steer clear from monotheistic thought, this story may have greater esoteric significance if we can look past the decades of oppression that has resulted from misunderstanding it. 
During this New Moon, Mars will occupy the same room with Moon and Sun.  Though Moon and Sun will be aligned with Rohini, Mars will be close by in the star sign of Mrigashira.  It is mentioned in Vayu Purana that this is a special alignment of energy, an appropriate time to perform oblations or purification ceremonies for our ancestors.  Sun is said to be the world of Liberated Souls and is a direct incarnation of Vishnu (the Preserver or Savior).  Moon is said to be the world of the ancestors and is a direct incarnation of Brahma, the Creator.  Mars is said to be representative of the Earth & is referred to affectionately as the Son of the Earth Goddess, but he was truly born of Shiva (the Lord of Yoga) while he was performing great penance.  When Mars (Materialized Energy / Body), Moon (Water / Mind) and Sun (Light / Soul) come together it is the Soul, the Mind and the Body that harmonize and a unique alignment opens the portal to the dimensions of the ancestors.   
This is also said to be a sacred time for ritual and ceremony.  Due to this trinity coming together under the lunar banner of Rohini and Mrigashira, the ability to call dreams forward will be amplified.  Though the tides are high for romantic dreaming and creative fire, care should be taken that something or someone doesn’t get out of hand.  The ancient story connecting the three star signs of Rohini, Mrigashira and Ardra is quite dramatic and results in a train wreck of events.  All due to untamed procreative impulse.  Though the characters become more defined in their unique roles through these turn of events, the wreckage takes a while to clean!  
Through Rohini we will be asked if we wish to witness the secrets or continue weaving the dream.  We may be asked to acknowledge our intent of what dreams we are weaving and we may be called to witness the outcome, even before it materializes.  Rohini offers both foresight and insight.  Rohini is a very potent star sign and her potency has roots in an age before our Moon spiraled into his cycle of waning; a time stemming from the first breath of the Creator.  We can call forward this ancient memory which no words can express, but song hopes to penetrate.
My prayer for us all during this New Moon is that the seeds of our life's song fall on fertile soil and grow into abundant fruit-bearing trees. Trees that not only offer fulfillment to us individually, but abundant trees that provides fruit and shade to all.  May we have the wisdom to cultivate those qualities which will generate an orchestra of true beauty and joy, and the discernment to uproot that which is out of tune and disruptive in our sacred gardens.


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MAY 10th, 2017 FULL MOON 



"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do."
Georgia O’keefe
As we sit with our May Full Moon and invite her light into the inner chambers of our minds and hearts, we may also find that the companions of her rays are in stark contrast.  She might meet us with the company of challenge, but she may also invoke the companionship of courage.  If she presents a problem, she will also call in the solution. 

Our Moon will be aligned with the Star sign (nakshatra) of Vishaka.  The god and/ or goddess associated with Vishaka is Indra or Shakra (King of the Heavens) andAgni (Sacred Fire) or Shakragni.  You may also say Shakra’s Agni or ‘Zeus’s Fire,’ i.e., the lightning (thunder) bolt.  This sign has also been linked to Indrani, the Queen of Heavens, and the counterpart of Indra. 
Either way, both forces relate to intensity and beauty; splendorous electric power; the sudden dance of light in the sky. Vishaka is seductive and fiercely attractive as well as brooding and moody like the pending storm.  It is the release of the emotional force that is brilliant and magnificent, yet needs the proper focus and direction.  This sign reveals heightened contrasts.  If pulled into focus, there is no limit to the achievement available through this sign.

We see leadership, courage, fairness, justice, devotion, inspiration, motivation and determination on one hand.   On the other we may see rebellion, dual personality (mood swings), potential for heated debate, combativeness, conflict, judgement, attack and inner confusion.
Vishaka’s primal, natural force is like that of the ‘fire in the sky’ or the striking lightning that suddenly charges the atmosphere, illuminating space yet destroying any object it touches.  As electric force pushes away or repels, magnetic force draws things to it and embraces.  Lightning is a prime example of the electrical force unleashed in it’s pure, raw personality.  It is a beautiful conflict of elements that is sudden, without warning and potentially dangerous.  Yet it is also a force that can push us away from that which we need to guard ourselves against. 
During this powerful Full Moon, the split of two options or two paths may be presented before us.  The branches of the forked tree is a common image associated with Vishaka.  We may also be presented with clear and distinct reminders of how we need to secure our own boundaries and parameters.  The electrical force pushes away.  It can therefore also protect by dispelling that which no longer needs to in our vicinity. 
Many things may present themselves in dual form.  The clarifying lightning may illumine situations, decisions and people that we have had confusion about.  Those options or people that seem to have a dual nature may be painted in the singular reality of their true color.  It is important to pay close attention because with Vishaka, the devil is in the detail.  It is important not to make brash decisions during a Vishaka Moon; refraining from judgement, criticism and injustice.  Fairness and justice are wise choices for personal dealings.  For business dealings, contracts should be read carefully and strategically, assuring there is not a split side or hidden agenda.
In its healthy expression, Vishaka is a determined, fair, creative and devoted sign.  It is the sign of cultivation; materially, spiritually and psychologically.  In its shadow expression, it deals out harsh judgement and even blinded revenge without metered fairness (measured or careful speech and true understanding of boundaries comes in the next sign, Anuradha, the sign of Mitra, the most diplomatic Rig Vedic god).  Therefore, cultivating maturity is encouraged for dealing with the intense energies of this sign.  
Let’s make the collective decision to fearlessly choose understanding over conflict, fairness over judgement, consideration over impulsiveness and protection over revenge.  We can call in the mesmerizing beauty and fairness of the Queen of Heavens and look on her lightning-like image which vivifies, clarifies and motivates us to meet our fears, our criticisms and our confusions with determination and focus.  This is an excellent Moon to release heated or conflicting emotions that no longer serve us.  Our own nature is often the common denominator in any persistent conflict that we find ourselves facing. 
As Vishaka is the sign of cultivation and striking clarity, this is the Moon to examine the various pathways in our lives.  In our culture, we hear the phrase “moment of clarity”, just as the lightning strikes and illumines the darkness for only a moment.  In the same way, our path may be lit up for only a moment, when the lightning strikes in the darkness of the mind.  Hence paying close attention to the detail of the moment is important, before the darkness covers the path again.  If a friend or omen provides you with crystal guidance, remember it well as the cloak of time pulls its shadow over even the most powerful flash of lightning.
My prayer for all of us is to awaken our deepest devotion and dedication to our moments of clarity, so that they may last and be cultivated into a living reality.  May they not be forgotten.  May our devotion increase.  The fruits of the harvest are only available after time has matured the crop.  In that span of the shadow of time, may we walk hand in hand with the determination necessary to succeed until the light illumines the horizon again.  


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

APRIL 26th, 2017 NEW MOON 




Magic, miracles, healing, wit and trickery color many ancient stories.  Deep within these tales, we often find profound guidance and restoration of heart and mind.  Our new Moon will be aligned with a mystical lunar mansion this month, the abode of the Ashwin Kumars, twins born of light and mist.  They are known as horsemen driving the chariot that brings dawn and dusk, miracle-workers, swift and mischievous.  Often testing the character of the one they choose to heal.  The Ashwins are the physicians of the gods and were brought into the world upon the heels of exposing illusion.  LIGHT, SHADOW & MISTS:  The Sun, their father, was too intense for his elemental wife, Saranyu, a sky goddess of clouds and mists.  She had called for the help of her sister Shadow to take her place in his bed and home.  When Shadow insulted one of their children (Death), the Sun recognized she was truly not his wife.  He pursued Saranyu through the forest.  She ran from him shape-shifting into a mare.  The Sun also transformed into a horse and joined her producing the Ashwini Kumars, the horse princes.   Light and Mist found their union in the form of the horse.

In the Atharva Veda, they are referred to as “Ashvayuj” which means “harnessing horses”. This star sign allows for the harnessing of raw or primal power (energy), and not only harnessing but precision to carry out detailed works of miraculous nature.  They are said to defy natural law with their magic, wit and skill.  In many stories, they restore sight to the blind, they bend time by restoring long-lost youth and even successfully perform a head transplant surgery which cleverly tricks a god out of his curse on an individual.   They are also masters at removing the deadliest poisons.  Therefore, Ashwini is the most auspicious star sign to receive a surgery or healing.  It is the best to start or begin anything new, including the working of healing magic. The potent restorative energy in this nakshatra is even said to be able to revive those on the brink of death & to concretely answer prayers. 

The latent potency of this sign may also surface pain & poisons from the hidden or forgotten past to be healed.  The divine physicians may show us the places most hidden by shadow; they may reveal our inner sicknesses or wounds inflicted by the cruel staff of Time.   As we sit in the shade of Time, the shadow it castes shapes our apparent, linear path.  If we dive deeper into the story of the birth of the children of the Sun, we also learn that Saturn himself, who is often referred to as ‘Father Time’ was born of the Sun’s union with Shadow (Chaya).  The Sun, therefore, always rejects Saturn as he was not born of his lawful wife but of his wife’s deceit.  This apparent path of time roots us in specific identities (shadows) that can never be carried into the light of the Sun without be exposed (all things in the material world are subject to sudden change just as a shadow morphs).  Saranyu brings in her sister Shadow out of sheer survival.   But the Ashwins, being born during pursuit of the truth, bring forward the medicine for the illusions of Time.  Their power of Spirit, whose forceful push for freedom from the constraints of the illusion of Time, can be called upon under the Ashwini Moon cycle. 

The Ashwins may guide us to the places in our body and mind that require the more attention.  Our body and mind request rejuvenation yet some of us may ignore this cry out of habitual self-abuse or habits that lock us into Time’s grip in a way that undesirable.  We then feel dominated by fate and Time seems an enemy.  In truth, Time is an ally but we often must acknowledge the miracles around us before we realize the value of Death and Time.  The Ashwini Kumars are masters of fate, time, shadow, light and creative will power.  They work with light, sky, mist and shadow to weave their miracles.  Without the shadow, light would have no contrast and without the contrast, self-awareness is impossible.  We would never know what needs to be healed if we remain in our own shadow.  During an Ashwini new Moon, Natural Law herself is willing to bend to the miracles of the Spirit. 
Horses and horsemen have a prominent place in lore, and what we may believe is mere myth often holds more weight than what we define as reality.  The Ashwins are in many ways magicians of the other realms, wielding the force of the Dawn and Dusk.  Ushering in a new age.   This extreme force and power can be as destructive as it is healing.  It can be competitive, dominating and self-centered if not understood.  In many cases, we may find that the sign of Ashwini is associated with revolutionaries both favored and not favored in history.   Those people who are responsible for ingenious scientific inventions as well as those people who wield a dangerous and commanding force, like an angry child with the infamous ring of power.  The potential to greatly inspire and to transport others into a different era is fertile here.  Ashwini nakshatra marks a moment in time reminding us all that great healing is possible even after the most devastating loss.  The wounds inflicted by time can be restored to youth, to a moment when even knowledge of the wound was unimagined.  The Ashwins bring peace to calamity, they bring medicine for the plagues, salve to the ailing, healing to the sick and freedom for those in bondage.  Being elemental Sons of mist and light, their electrical pulse can be felt and restores all.  
My prayer for us all is for the light-bearers of the Dawn and the shadow-workers of the Dusk to bring their swift healing to our bodies, hearts and minds.  May the damaging imprint of Time lift and move away from our lives, just as the cloud parts to let the light of the Sun and Moon grace the Earth.  May the cosmic rewind, the journey to the past meet the future, and embrace in such a way that we no longer feel the need to push unnaturally against the present.  May all beings be at peace, may all beings find shelter, be healed and find rest after the journey.


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

APRIL 10th, 2017 FULL MOON 


Our effulgent, full Moon will be aligned with the brilliant star (yogatara) of the Divine Architect (Vishwakarma), Chitra nakshatra (in Latin we refer to this star as Spica).  She will be joining Jupiter, the law keeper and minister of the gods, in the night’s sky. 

Vishwakarma is not only referred to as an architect or ‘creator’ in ancient texts, but he is also importantly called garbhapati or “the lord of the womb.”  Vishwakarma is the hidden intelligence behind all form.  The shaper of existence.  The one who fashions matter, designs the blueprint and executes the engineering of all life. 

The sign Chitra is Vishwakarma’s abode.  Chitra is said to be a sign of sacred geometry, symbols, code, vivid illusions, magic, color, definition, engineering, mechanics, technology, art, beauty, symmetry and design. Vishwakarma was the designer of the flying crafts of ancient days as well as the city planner, crafting miraculous holographic palaces for the heroes of many stories.    

Chitra’s basis above is the law (cosmic and/or natural law), its basis below is the truth (unifying truth of all existence, not limited truth defined by humans) and its desire is to produce wonderful children (to birth wonderful creations). The result of these is to gain honor in one’s work (to create something esteemed by all).  All of the above forces coming together has a deep esoteric meaning and should be contemplated to understand the concepts presented here.  

As the star sign Chitra is literally in the middle of the star-path (nakshatra wheel), it is the point of strategy and redefining the journey of our soul.  The Shakti or power of this sign is therefore, Punya Chayani Shakti, or the power to accumulate merit.  (The ability to make good decisions, the ability to create a path that is in harmony and leaves the world more beautiful.)   

As the intelligence behind form, as the witness, Chitra can also be related to Chitragupta (translates to hidden picture or the witness of all deeds), the servant of Yamaraj (the King of the Dead).  The sign of Chitra relates directly to our karmic imprint, our unique blueprint which we live in daily.  The home of our mind, the construct our awareness is peering through; that which is fashioned by the architect within. 

The word Chitra can be translated as “picture” or “imprint”.   Chitta (consciousness) plus ‘tra’ (instrument or to protect) can also indicate that ‘Chitra’ becomes the ‘instrument of consciousness’ or the snap shot of each event, the secret design, the forgotten image captured of every experience.

Chitra is often symbolized by the pearl as well, which is formed by irritation within the oyster or clam.  The pearl has been a symbol of status and beauty but also something that we should evaluate as mass production of pearls can become cruel and imbalanced.  This is opposite of the agenda of the will of the Divine Architect within nature that witnesses all.  This hidden intelligence asks us to re-examine our life strategy so that it creates a beautiful, sacred and balanced design, a geometrical pattern that is in harmony with all life.   When the way we live is in balance with the needs of others and other creatures, sacred geometry is most glorified.  What is the point in meditating on a yantra or magical symbol when the life we live is out of order and causing pain to other beings?  The female tiger is the animal (yoni or womb) of this nakshatra.  This is another force of nature that’s entire existence is in critical danger by the wants, demands and imbalances of human beings.  This is a good Moon to educate ourselves on the needs of other beings that are suffering due to extravagant human conveniences. 

As Chitra is a sign of magical sciences, crafts and arts, this is an opportunity to inspire others with our personal gifts.  We may honor the natural law and truth, the essence of beauty that radiates from balance, harmony and respect.  Let’s wield the tool of our art, alchemy or talent to uplift the world around us and leave behind a more fulfilled, beautiful place.  We can unite to vivify, reanimate and construct new paths to sustain those brothers and sisters in nature that currently need us to choose a new way of living. 

My prayer for us all, under this powerful Chitra Moon, is for the path which is good for all be illuminated and acted upon.  May all of us feel the inner joy and bliss of true maturity and understand our role and responsibility towards all other life.  May the design of your life be a perfect pattern and vibrate with your true beauty.  All are beautiful, all are perfect, all are whole. 



- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MARCH 27th, 2017 NEW MOON 



Shortly after the Vernal Equinox, our new moon will be aligned with the twin star system Uttara Bhadrapada, the star sign of mystic death, symbolized by the back legs of a funeral cot.  This is also said to be the abode of Ahir Budhnya or the Serpent of the Deep.

This new moon will resurrect feelings which have previously rested at the bottom of our emotional ocean.  Uttara Bhadrapada asks us to look at our emotions as a tool for greater union with life and seek to understand the maturity required to express them on the surface of the world.  Our emotional life is often compared to water or to the ocean.  It saturates our existence.  If we feel good, then we can be anywhere and find happiness.  If we feel bad, then even if we find ourselves in paradise, we will not be able to enjoy it.  What does this tell us about the power of our emotions?  Our emotions are our first and foremost place of residence.  They are the real home we are living in.  They are the foundation of our life. 

We find that all of the waves of the ocean are on the surface, i.e., the drama of life is usually on the top layers.  This is where the friction of the temperamental, stormy atmosphere and the salty dense waters of the sea kiss and clash.  As Uttara Bhadrapada is the sign of mystic or shamanic rite of passage, this new moon marks the time to leave the play of the waves and go beneath; to leave the noise of our surface thoughts and ask ourselves what is truly at the heart of our emotional self.  We should look to which nutrients or seeds need to be sown in our foundational-self; our feeling-self.  What does the deep soil of our most private, hidden and intimate self look like? Is it dark, rich and nourished, ready to receive the seeds of life or beaten by the harsh winds of self-denial, uprooting the fruitful trees of potential? 

Our previous full moon was in Uttara Phalguni, the sign of the back legs of the marriage bed and of the bliss of the unions of opposites.  It is the sign of receiving love from others.  Uttara Bhadrapada, the back legs of the funeral cot opposes this star system in the sky and it wishes to consume concern for everything leaving us with the foundation of self-love alone.  It is said that if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love others.  Uttara Bhadrapada asks us to take the hand of the great mystery and follow her into the depths of our spirit.  The serpent of the deep, who moves the foundations of the earth, awakens and stirs, drawing us to more profound waters.  She may shake off all of the unneeded sediment and dry top soil of emotional scars before she reveals our new home.  You may find yourself on a new continent after the earthquake of her movement. Enveloping you in the electric current of much needed stimulation and change, even if that change is paralyzing at first.  

This is the time to allow yourself to be temporarily paralyzed by your feelings.  Allow the vibrations of this powerful serpent of inspired emotion to guide you into the depths of your real home within.  From that foundation, build your life anew and the trees that you plant here will grow fruit not only for yourself, but for the whole world.  

My prayer for all of us on this electrical new moon is to be guided by the subtle currents rising from the depths of our inner most self, transcending fear and despair, and allowing us to arrive at a place of true unconditional inner stability based on self acceptance, self love and unconquerable compassion for the human condition.  I pray that those of you that are capable of diving to the depths bring back the pearls of inner attainment to those of us still struggling on the surface.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
(Peace, Peace, Peace)


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MARCH 12th, 2017 FULL MOON 



Our Moon will be aligning with the nakshatra (lunar star sign) of Uttara Phalguni, which is the star formation that our ancient ancestors referred to as the back legs of the marriage bed.  This sign marks the best moment for marriage vows and intimate oaths or promises to our beloved.
Uttara Phalguni’s goal is freedom, the element is fire, it’s nature is to protect and it’s enlightened activity is that oftransformation (to change the current status).  The Shakti of this sign is the power to gain through partnerships, specifically those of intimate nature.  The bird associated is the peacock, the animal connected is a bull and the celebrated tree is the rose laurel. 
It is said that under the previous sister-sign (Purva Phalguni, the front legs of the marriage bed) the great Goddess Shakti or Mother Parvati, due to her deep longing and intense love for Shiva, performed difficult penance to achieve him as her husband.  In Purva Phalguni, we see the explosion of pleasure (orgasm in the earthy sense and states of Samadhi in the spiritual realm) that is the peak of joy when we achieve the fruit of desire.  Uttara Phalguni being the next sign, grants the steady foundation of that established union.  

By this stage, we are now hand in hand with our beloved, standing together on firm ground and walking the path of life.  The power, steadiness and firmness attributed to the divine masculine as exemplified in the bull are present in Uttara Phalguni.   This sign is also said to be heroic, of good character and willing to lead others on the right path.   
We can observe many qualities of Mahadev’s (Shiva’s) sacred bull, Nandi, who has the responsibility of transporting the biggest responsibility of all – Infinite Consciousness or Lord Shiva who is said to be the ultimate Reality.  Under Uttara Phalguni, Nandi carries the newly wed Shiva & Shakti (Primal Consciousness and its Power or raw Energy) to their home on Kailash, the sacred mountain of Shiva. This is the ultimate union of opposites. It is said that Shiva-Shakti can never be separated.  It is like drawing the air out of the body.  We are left with a stiff, lifeless form.  It is the breath that stimulates movement and provides life.  So it is Shakti that gives the all-pervading Consciousness it’s movement, it’s experience and contrasts in which to define itself.
This is the time to commit.  To be firm in our promises.  The be honest with our vows and establish an environment of steadiness for our passion.  It is the time to be grateful for our partner and to celebrate their dedication to us.  If we have many loose ends in our personal commitments to our lover or partner, it is the perfect Moon to tighten them up.  If you have been waiting on the right moment to commit or looking for an omen about your current romantic situation, this is your Moon.  

Aryaman, the God associated with Uttara Phalguni is said to be a generous match-maker.  He grants us the ability to understand the mutual benefits of our partnership, the true energetic exchange.  If we have been deluding ourselves by remaining with partners whose energetic exchange is abusive to our well-being or if we have been taking our partner’s energetic support for granted, Uttara Phalguni can point us in the direction of great healing. 
As there are no hymns in the Rig Veda dedicated solely to Aryaman, I would like to close with a spontaneous wish or prayer for all of the lonely and broken hearts, for all of us who have had hopes seemingly demolished, that the steady support of Sri Nandi transport us to the shores of blissful union with the right partner; a partner whose energetic exchange is supportive to our purpose of birth.  And for all of us who have been fortunate enough to be embraced by a true lover, and have been fulfilled with the touch of real intimacy, that we never take this for granted.  

May we always take the time to celebrate those partnerships that have brought the magic of love into our awareness and supported our life mission.


We Loathe Daylight Savings Time!!!

Vrihat Samrat Yantra, the worlds largest sundial at Jaipur Observatory. Completed in the year 1734, it still stands today through the efforts of restoration and reconstruction accurate to two seconds. 

Vrihat Samrat Yantra, the worlds largest sundial at Jaipur Observatory. Completed in the year 1734, it still stands today through the efforts of restoration and reconstruction accurate to two seconds. 

'Daylight savings time' is a core disdain to many many people around the world; people have tried to abolish it for decades. It's an unnatural act by a few humans to manipulate natural time. It was invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 as a joke in a satirical article he wrote about this "crazy" idea to save energy and money.  It was actually implemented during WWI, was widely unpopular, and was dissolved. Then it was reinstated once more during WWII. At first, not all states participated. Since then, congress has continued to hack about at our natural rythms though the Uniform Time Act (1966), the Emergency Daylight Saving Time Conservation Act (1973), amendments in 1986, 2005, and as recent as 2007 to what we are bound to practice now. 

Another view of Vrihat Samrat Yantra at the Jaipur Observatory

Another view of Vrihat Samrat Yantra at the Jaipur Observatory

The timeline just shows us how crazy this is.... people in power just nonchalantly manipulating a nations circadian rhythm and natural sleep cycles for some unknown and very unhealthy reason. The fact they the powers that be can just toy with us like this is ridiculous and incredibly frustrating!!! 

The California Energy Commission reported that only an estimated 0.18% of energy is actually saved!

 Till Roenneberg, a chronobiologist for National Geographic wrote "Light doesn't do the same things to the body in the morning and the evening. More light in the morning would advance the body clock, and that would be good. But more light in the evening would even further delay the body clock."

In terms of agriculture it is quite a detriment to farmers who lose an hour to harvest in the morning when most of the work gets done to deliver to markets.

There are more accidents and heart attacks the day after Daylight Saving Time then any other time of the year, besides a myriad of other health problems that occur trying to change our body clock.

There is an astronomical amount of money spent each year in a multitude of industries to adjust automated systems, including the Airline Industry that has to make global flight adjustments costing upwards of $150 million. The list of detriments goes on and on.  Several countries do not participate in Daylight Savings Time

Astronomical Clock and Armillary Sphere c. 1600

Astronomical Clock and Armillary Sphere c. 1600

 like China, Japan, places along the Equator, and States like Arizona and Hawaii have opted out. No one knows the real reason why this is implemented, and we may never know, as we are usually kept in the dark with massive implemented systems but the more awareness that can be spread about this, the closer we will get to the truth and abolishing this practice.

Here are a few websites and petitions that exist for more insights.

Petition 2 Congress Petition

MoveOn Petition

Hufington Post Petition


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We are gearing for a deeply magical new Moon on February 26th at 6:58am PST.  Our Moon will be receiving an intimate embrace from Varuna & Varuni, the god and goddess of the mystic waters above and below.  They will whisper forbidden secrets in her ear and she will receive the intoxicating wine of their enchanted realm.  The sign of Shatabhishaka is the home of Varuna and Varuni.  Shatabhishaka translates to 100 healers, 100 doctors and sometimes 100 flowers.  This is in reference to the profound alchemy and healing that is possible through this sign. 
Varuna is a god of the night.  He conceals the world in darkness so that we can see the ocean of stars.  If we observe the day, the Sun’s light is so overpowering that the stars disappear.  But the cloak of night reveals the sacred river of the sky, the galaxies and stars.  Mysteries awaken at night and the Moon expresses herself in all of her glory.  She becomes the Queen of the circle of the stars.  Astrologers and astronomers could not ask for a more romantic Moon! I am not referring to ‘romance’ as the word is typically defined, as this Moon is said to not be good for interpersonal social relationships or marriage, but it is the best sign for the romance between our inner-self and the cosmos, the marriage of our receptive mind and the mysteries of the universe. 
Varuna is also a god of the cosmic law or ऋतं ṛtaṃ that keeps the rhythm of time in order and holds everything in place.  The empty circle of space or Aakash is another symbol for the sign of Shatabhishaka, the circle of the ceremony and of the commitments we make with life through our actions, or the outcome of karma which is part and parcel of the inner law that governs life.  Varuni, the goddess of intoxication and concealment, also comes into play here as mother of secrets and knowledge which is dangerous and potentially off limits. 
During this new Moon, we can observe that our Moon will have a lot of company including Ketu (the South node or ‘the liberator’) and Mercury, ‘the messenger’.   She will have an exalted Venus in her view along with Mars.  I usually write about how important it is to observe the company of the Moon as each Planet has such an impact on her mood, stability and adaptability.  When she finds herself surrounded by company, being receptive, she takes the energy within her and expresses it. 
Many spies, inventors, healers and researchers have prominent Shatabhishaka in their horoscope.  This is also a common star for mystics, spiritualists, meditators, yogis and shamans.  People who can go deep into the heart of the earth, below the surface, to the hidden recesses of the oceans and into the abyss of the night sky.  People who can wear the mask of invisibility and cloak themselves in mystery. 
This is a time to seek that which is normally concealed and out of sight; to allow the plant world to work with us and guide us into expanded states of consciousness.  For those of you who work with plant medicine, those plants which are prepared as liquids will be very potent at the moment of this new Moon. The medicines of spirit will be awake and ready to work with you.  It is a time to see that which illusion has masked and hidden from sight.  The elements of water and space will merge so this moment will be fertile for psychic activity, inner sight and the peering into the potential of the future.  In Shatabhishaka, past and future merge in the circular rhythm of time.  Varuna asks us to forget our linear, square thinking and to realize time has more of a circular pattern, swirling and linking past, present and future.  Seductive Varuni takes our hands and leads us into the abstract mind, where creative thought is intoxicated with it’s inventive nature.  She helps us look beyond the confines of the logic.  Together, Varuna and Varuni are a perfect synthesis of cosmic law and abstract, creative thought, just as all life is weaving in and out of these two concepts.
Because of the circular nature of this sign, we can also observe a humanitarian connection and primal energies that link us all to the march of time.  This new Moon could cause stirs within the collective psyche, pulling the truth forward.  It could also bring extreme, moody weather, environmental eruptions, a ripple of the cosmic waters in all directions.  There is a link to law, the courts, politics and government as well as rebellion and the challenging of the established order.  We can expect more earthquakes and outbreaks within the collective consciousness in the next two weeks as Varuna and Varuni will be stirring the ethers.    
The female horse is the sacred animal of this star sign.  Her swift medicine is readily available for all who invoke her and ask for her guidance.  Caring for horses, connecting with them, rescuing those who are abused or are in need of care pleases Varuna and Varuni.  We can also care for our skies and oceans, and all of our wild brothers and sisters that swim within them that depend on us to keep their homes clean and safe.   As Varuna has a direct link to the Nagas or elemental serpent spirits we discussed for the previous Ashlesha full Moon, we can also honor the Nagas who are the protectors of our beautiful Earth. 
I would like to close now with a prayer that we can all see through the illusion of divisiveness and the thick veil of time which conceals all, understanding that all is interconnected and that every action locks us into the cosmic law which pervades our existence.  May we all sit at the feet of Varuna and Varuni in humility, seeking to understand that which is best for the circle of life. 
Oṃ Vaṃ Varuṇāya Namaḥ


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 


Our Moon will be full at 4:33pm PST on Friday, February 10th 2017.   This is no ordinary full Moon as not only will she be in a special placement referred to as gandanta in Sanskrit, but she will also be partially eclipsed (close proximity to Rahu, the north node) while forming a Chandra Yoga.  She will be aligned with the sign of Ashlesha

Before I translate this, I would like to draw our attention once more to the fact that Chandra or Moon is so incredibly important in Vedic astrology.  In short, Chandra reveals a lot about what will grow in any given moment, the potential fertility of that moment or lack thereof for any given activity.  The Moon marks the present moment like no other Graha (Planet).  She has an intimate relationship with Earth and our Earth’s cycles. In sidereal astrology, she is placed in the heart of every Earth Sign.  This means that in the middle of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, there is a nakshatra (star sign) that aligns to the midpoint of that sign associated with our Moon.  Our ancient ancestors clearly understood the beautiful dance between our Earth and Moon.  She is also considered to be in an exalted state when she is transiting Taurus, one of the most fertile and sensual signs.  By examining the condition of the Moon in our horoscope, we can get an eagle’s eye view of what our consciousness is pregnant with in this lifetime.  The same is true for examining the current cycle of the Moon in relation to our Earth, Sun and other Planets.

Ashlesha will be influencing our full Moon on Friday, the star of the Nagas, the star of entwining, embracing and clinging.  Ashlesha is also the sign where most of the hidden poisons rests.  A gandanta (knot) point lies in the junction between Ashlesha and the next star sign Magha (the star of the Throne, empowerment and government).  The sign of Ashlesha has great alchemical and transformational power, this will be amplified by the gandanta degree, the loosening of the knot of karma.
Ashlesha also has the power to destroy and completely annihilate.  The basis above is the approaching serpent, the foundation below is fear or trembling and the desire is to defeat enemies.  The result of all three is said to be the destruction of the intended victim.  This sign possesses the ability to unleash a volatile power (such as in the case of President Truman’s disastrous decision to unleash this force on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) as well as the ability to rise up in conflict without fear and bring great spiritual medicine to the masses. We must remember, where there is poison, there is also medicine.  Where there is injury there is potential to heal. This great churning of energy is illuminated in the sign of Ashlesha.   Mahatma Gandhi is a good example of the incredible strength and influence of the medicine demonstrated here. 

The throat chakra is the active chakra for this Moon.  Responsibility is the key word.  Responsibility with actions and words; restraining the impulse to strike unless completely necessary for protection of the weak, for protection of the vulnerable or exploited.  The poisons unleash when we act out against or speak negatively of others, when we wish others harm, when we pass harsh judgement, when our envy or cruelty overcomes us, all of this is represented here.  When we do not speak up for the exploited, for those in bondage or suffering injustice, we also poison ourselves.  Objectifying speech, limiting speech, constricting labels and categories we place on each other. 
Ashlesha nakshatra can reveal the path to medicine by speaking healing words, by releasing the voice to defend the rights of those who do not have one. 

Moon will have Rahu in front of her, in her clear view. Whoever is in front of her, she pays a lot of attention to.  Without getting political, I can only say that this potentially reveals much more tension in the collective about the governmental decisions.   Due to Rahu’s presence in Magha, the star of the Throne, our Moon will be looking to direct the energies of Ashlesha, the serpent, towards him.  This is a time to release the voice in prayer, to release the voice in truth, to take active participation in calling in the medicine for all.  Great healing potential lies hidden in the poison.  Ashlesha is best approached in humility and meditation, requesting the powers of life to allow the medicines of the natural and hidden worlds to pour over all of us. 

Classically this is a time to recite the Hanuman Chalisa or mantras to Lord Shiva, who can digest the poisons of the mind, of heart and of the Earth without being harmed. It is a day to avoid eating meat if possible or any action that advocates violence or lack of compassion. 

 Transformation, purification and healing often comes after stagnation and illness.  We can honor the illness for showing us the path to rejuvenation.  Illness gives us the appreciation for good health.  Darkness gives us the appreciation for light.  Sadness gives us the appreciation Joy.  Isolation gives us the appreciation for others. 

I close with a mantra to Lord Shiva and pray that we all metabolize the poisons within to birth new health and flush out stagnation.
त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात
tryambakaṃ yajāmahe sugandhiṃ puṣṭivardhanam
urvārukamiva bandhanānmṛtyormukṣīya mā'mṛtāt


- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JANUARY 27th, 2017 NEW MOON 



Our Moon will be beginning her new cycle this month on Friday, January 27th at 4:07pm PDT.  She will be aligned with the Nakshatra (star sign) of Shravana, the star of hearing, learning, listening and connection.  Saturn and Mercury will be behind her and Ketu (the south node of the Moon) will be in front of her.  In Vedic Astrology, we consider planets that are behind and in front of Chandra (Moon) as significantly influencing her mood and stability.  Our Moon is the indicator of growth and adaptability in the horoscope.  She reveals what circumstances will grow in any given moment of time.  She also shows us what we may need to adapt to or become comfortable with during a specific period. 

Because of the strong influence of Saturn and Mercury in the 12th house (hidden placement) from Chandra (behind her), and Ketu in the 2nd house from her (in front of her, visible to her) this is not a time to make decisions regarding investment, financial contracts or large exchanges for most of us.  We should be mindful of potential financial loss or debt-creating contracts that may seem solid at first.  New professional opportunities may present themselves, yet for the first few weeks expect loss of energy along with your exciting new developments. Investing in land, minerals or herbs is different however and is welcome. 

This will be a period of questioning, seeking answers and searching for the missing piece of the puzzle. The next two weeks will most likely be full of exposure, new information and a heightened desire to connect to those we can trust or rely on.  We may also find ourselves traveling or in movement. 

We may hear things that have previously been concealed, secrets may surface and any attempt to suppress these things may fail.  As Mercury and Saturn tend to deal with hidden intelligence when combined, and they are behind our Moon at her moment of renewal, it is advisable to navigate the next two weeks with respect to our own inner knowing.  It is a very powerful moment to speak out, to connect, to reveal, to expose and to bring our energy forward.  At the same time, be cautious of hidden enemies and agendas.

This is also an incredible time for research, for uncovering secrets that were lost or out of sight.   Shravana faces upward (Urdhva Mukha or ‘upward faced’) and seeks to establish connection.  Our Moon will be starting her growth cycle looking above and beyond.  She will be reaching to establish new, powerful connections.  This means that in our daily lives for the next two weeks, we may experience ourselves touching new talents, gifts or forms of knowledge that we previously did not associate with our personality or natural gifts.  We may get involved in new activities that seek to elevate education, higher knowledge, life skills, practicality and resourcefulness.      

The monkey, an animal associated with wit, cleverness and mischief is said to be Shravana’s ‘womb’ or yoni (the animal-nature of this star-sign mainly consulted for match making and personality traits).  Shravana is also linked with the Arka flower which is a star-shaped flower with potent medicinal properties, specifically for the heart and the treatment of seizures and epilepsy.   Auspicious activities include studying, research, listening to others who need to be heard, giving a voice to the those in need of one, listening to sacred sound, listening to lectures on higher philosophy or increasing our awareness of practical, useful forms of knowledge that enhance our life skills and abilities.  Providing charity to schools, activism related to education, women’s rights, caste division and healing racial tension are all auspicious during this time.  Speaking our truth and hearing the truth of others, granting a platform for all to be heard and promoting unity will flourish during this time. 

I close this with a Mantra to Devi  Saraswati, Goddess of Learning, Knowledge and the Arts, and a prayer that we all rise together in the deeper truth of life during this cycle, creating a greater sense of unity.

“Om Aim Saraswatye Namah” 


Recognizing and Living With "Natural" Time

As we begin a "New Year" on January 1st, we start anew! That is, according to the Gregorian Calendar, the system by which we all live by. ...well, 'we all' except for indigenous people connected to the earth.

However, contrary to popular acceptance, for many of us this just doesn't feel right. Why is that? Well, this is because January 1st is NOT the beginning of a New Year in "Natural Time" and it never was until the Roman Calendar was implemented in 46BCE. How could Winter, the time of rest, hibernation, and death where very little life exists be the great time of renewal and new beginnings? Doesn't 'A New Year' naturally resonate as the first day of Spring, The Vernal Equinox, where life begins again. Doesn't this make the most sense? Well that's what is was before Gregorian calendars. Know that this is unnatural and we empathize with all of you. However, we must work within the constraints of modern society and still use this time for setting intentions but with the awareness that this is a true time of resting and restoration.

    Time is the fundamental framework of which we live our lives, but our true nature "feels" something different than what is forced upon. The Sun and Earth’s interaction gives us a yearly cycle, the phases of the Moon give us our monthly cycle, and the constant rising and falling of the Sun and Moon gives us our daily cycle.  All other delineations of time, like the calendar system and the system of time (seconds, minutes, hours, 24 hour cycles, 5 day work/school weeks, the 7 days of of a week) are all arbitrary, man made, and have been augmented many many times since their origin for the convenience of that current ruler.

One of the most obvious aspects of being out of synch is the '13th Moon'. There are 13 moon cycles in a year and the gregorian calendar squeezed it into 12 months. Looking at the names of the months reveal that the numbers and months don't even synch anymore. September (7), October (8) are now the 9th and 10th month just because Julius Cesar wanted his own month (July) and so did his son Augustus (August).  Continuing in this manner is a fundamental reason humans are struggling to connect to nature and live "naturally".

As much as we'd love to tell everyone to stop looking at their watch/phone and calendars and simply look to the sky and follow the earth's natural rhythm, we know that isn't feasible (yet) with every aspect of our lives enmeshed in the gregorian calendar. But alas.....our solution is (drum roll) DO BOTH!!! 
By beginning the practice of living in tune with natural rhythms: the "start of the day" - sunrise,  to the end of the day "sunset", to the moon cycle by simply noticing if the moon is waxing or waning, to when it's full or new. Just these bits of observation will reawaken our natural and ancient wisdom within us all, as this "was" the way we all lived prior to organized religions, governments, financial institutions and industrialism that fit very neatly into the Gregorian Calendar. 

Nature will forever keep perfect time, it's up to us if we want to synchronize with her. The benefits could be life changing.