- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

November 29th, 2016 NEW MOON 

Chandra, our Moon, will be New on November 29, 2016 at exactly 4:18am PDT.  There will be a special emphasis on Saturn as Saturn will be in close alignment with both Sun and Moon.  The emphasis here will have a purging and adjusting effect on the collective consciousness as we will also be within the confines of Kalasarpa Yoga once again, wrapped in the coils of the serpent of time (experiencing the result of previous life choices through escalated intensity).  This new cycle of Chandra will be full of force.  

Anuradha, the star sign that both Sun and Moon will be transiting is the residing place of the Rig Vedic god Mitra who governs honesty, right action, contracts, agreements, treaties and diplomacy.  Anuradha confronts us with the mirror of right action and the deep awareness of the result of our divisiveness with our friends, community and the world as a whole.  Any time we may have broken our word, given a false promise or had hidden selfish intentions may come to revisit us in some way.  Over all, this will have a collective effect due to the presence of Kalasarpa Yoga and Shani (Saturn) influencing the two luminaries. 

This is an excellent time to make new commitments to our truth and to realize how our word choice and speech patterns construct our daily reality.  An example of this would be to examine the word choices revolving around “it” and “that” which enables our mind to view life as impersonal.  It is easy to “use” resources if we see our Earth as “it” but if we see our Earth and define her as our Grandmother or another personal word choice, we may shift our relation to her abundant gifts such as water, soil and sustenance in all shapes and forms.  We need to examine what we are taking for granted and how comfortable we have become in this unconscious sleep.  What are our life choices supporting?  What kind of energies are we giving birth to from our habits and words?  It is also a good time to adjust our concept of how much need, what we really need, how much we waste and what in our life is out of alignment with our inner ethics. 

This New Moon cycle will help us examine our contracts with ourselves and others.  Chandra will be turning an inward eye towards hidden agreements we may have made with life.  We will be asked how much we are actively participating in creating unity, serving the whole circle, as opposed to our limited universe and self-oriented concerns.  

An Anuradha New Moon is a good time to readjust contracts, make new agreements with our inner and outer world, reconnect with old friends or partners that we were unfair with and to serve those who are not receiving the justice they deserve.  This time calls out for a complete understanding of what the collective is thirsty for, not just our immediate community and limited visions of what reality should be.  Caring for the unjustly imprisoned, those who have been forgotten, serving indigenous communities who are keepers of the contracts of our Earth and who continue to be overlooked is important at this time, working to preserve views that are holistic and uphold the great good for all life is vital, and rescuing injured animals specifically raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, hares, deer and bats is supported by Chandra at this time.  

In honor of the power of word to shape our reality, I close with a mantra to Sri Saraswati Devi, the Mother of Sound and the creative matrix of the Universe: