-a message from Zen & Bunni-

Honoring Our Ancestors as the Veil is Thin

Happy New Moon!
We’re feeling so blessed on the heals of our first Rabbit Report, thank you all for your warm responses, old friends and new!
This month has been a bounty fitting for the season. The season of All Hallows Eve, the season of Samhain, the beginnings of darker days, embracing our warm tonics, nourishing by gathering close, and moving more slowly. 

We gracefully welcome the waining daylight hours, opening our hearts to the dark nights, to our roots, our ancestors. At the ZenBunni household, we honor the riches of our Kapha energies by using the Biodynamic Calendar to plant eleven lush young fruit trees on our sacred Topanga land. We gathered and spent time mediating in each hole prepped for planting. We spread our toes in the fertile Biodynamic compost, becoming comfortable and connected with the darkness, and ‘all that live below’.  We imbued a rose quartz with our love and prayers to be planted below the roots of each tree; the light that emits in the forever darkness

There is much excitement in the mystery of the Spirit Realm, calling out to the unknown. We encourage our community to wake up from commercialized fear, glamorized horror, and spending of money on candy with companies that compromise our health and the health of the earth. When the veil is thin, we come closer to those who’ve tended the earth before us, we find reverence for the plants who’ve given themselves for our coming winter bounty, and turn to the light within as the light without grows short. 

We encourage everyone to find
Their Magic in this beautiful darkness!!