- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

December 13th, 2016 FULL MOON 

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"Birthplace of Buddha" - Lumbini Nepal


On December 13th at 4:05pm PST, our Moon will be full and in alignment with the star sign Mrigashira or Mrigashirsha.  This can be translated as “Deer Head” or “Deer-Headed”.  Mrigashirsha is said to be the birth star of Goddess Parvati, the great Goddess of all Yoginis and Tapeshwinis (female Yogis), who manifests herself as the 10 forms of wisdom Goddesses, the ten Maha Vidyas.  Chandra, or the Moon, becomes extremely delighted and full of joy in this star sign as Mrigashirsha is also the star of the Amrita, or Soma,” nectar of immortality,” who is the subject of many hymns of praise in the Rig Veda. 

The desire of Mrigashirsha nakshatra is “to gain lordship of the plants”.  This star sign is directly linked to wild places, all flora and fauna, the vast network of green-life that we have covering our earth in visible and invisible places, forests, secluded lush natural places, plant medicines that heal the body and that alter the consciousness.   This star sign is also linked to what we call the Orion constellation and brings with it the gentleness and hypersensitivity of the deer. 

The color silver (specifically the luminescent grayish, silvery-white that our Moon graces us with), the antlers or head of the stag and the earthy scent of the forest are all indicative of the qualities of Mrigashirsha.  

This is an excellent time for travel, exploration, spending time outdoors, romance, creative pursuits, bonding with new friends (specifically those of the plant species) or acquiring new knowledge related to the natural world.  Working with soil, new plant life, crafting medicines and meditating with plants is encouraged.  

On the other side, this Moon will provide a much-needed cleanse from the previous new Moon in Anuradha nakshatra.  All that was processed and negotiated over the last month will be illumined in a new way.  Whatever peace we have been seeking may come after a flood of cleansing tears.  We may find our stability on the waves of the ocean for the next two weeks instead of the solid foundation of stone that we expect.  This is a time to remain fluid, to be alert and to truly listen.  Sometimes we try to force stability where fluidity is needed.  Just as a deer remains alert and moveable in the forest, this time may call for a sudden adjustment or change in our environment.

Adopting plants in need of care and serving others with sacred medicines is auspicious during this time.  Flirting and romance is natural but should be approached with caution more than impulsivity during this time.  The signing of contracts is generally not encouraged and the formation of long term plans should be avoided until the next new Moon.  

 I would like to close with a mantra to Goddess Parvati, whose intense devotion united her with the goal that she sought.  Mrigashirsha is called “the searching star”.  My wish for us all is that we are able to unite with that which we are truly longing or searching for.