- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

December 28th, 2016 NEW MOON 

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The final new Moon of 2016 falls on Wednesday, December 28th at 10:53pm PDT.  Chandra (our Moon) will be aligned with the star sign (Nakshatra) called Purva Ashadha.  Both Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) will align with this sign, which is the sign of the Rig Vedic Goddess Apah, sometimes referred to as Apas (deified water).  

This sign of the Divine Waters operates much like the sacred element of water that we are primarily composed of.  We hydrate ourselves with her and our cells cleanse, recharge and replenish with her essence.  Water brings expansion, revitalization, purification and new flow.  Purva Ashadha is a sign connected with blessings, sanctification, energizing, reinvigorating and preserving.  It is also a sign connected with lost knowledge, ancient civilizations, forgotten technologies and journeys to foreign lands.  It is said that when the sign Purva Ashadha is activated it is an appropriate time to explore, to travel overseas or to bring foreign knowledge to our homeland.  

This sign is deeply connected with the waters of our Earth and all beings that live within these waters.  The sign of Purva Ashadha brings forward the mysteries of the hidden water spirits or beings that various cultures speak of, who are said to populate all natural bodies of water.  

Being a sign of the Oceans, we are reminded of her amazing ability to connect land masses and to transport us from one place to another. We are also reminded of her as an ancient  witness and the many civilizations that she has seen come and go. 

She is a silent observer of our history and our legacy of human folly.  The Ocean is very temperamental with her surging tides. She is the iconic emblem of emotional life and it's ability to connect us to other each other or to invite turbulence.  In ancient days, the nakshatra of  Purva Ashadha was also an omen of possible war or dispute over diplomatic treaties and contracts.

On this new Moon, I encourage us all to reinvigorate our relationship with the sacred element of water both in the physical and in the energetic realms.  Water cleanses us and is the sole support of many life forms.  Water is life!  Whether it is the waters of the oceans or the water of our tears, water keeps us free of disease, keeps our bodies hydrated and lubricated so that we can move without pain, she flushes our hearts and minds so that we can be clean of stagnancy.  She is the key to healing and maintaining happiness and health.  

I would like to bring our attention to the brave water protectors at Standing Rock and to all of those who have contributed to protecting our sacred relationship with water.  I bow to all of you and wish you many blessings on this auspicious new Moon.  

It is a good time  to be courageous, to make a statement, to follow inspiration, to move forward, to cry, to cleanse, to reconnect to ancient knowledge, for activism, to settle debts and to clean or clear out one's personal space.  It is also a good time to donate clean water, to help others less fortunate to gain access to clean water and to protect our brothers and sisters who live in the water that do not have a human voice.