- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

MARCH 27th, 2017 NEW MOON 



Shortly after the Vernal Equinox, our new moon will be aligned with the twin star system Uttara Bhadrapada, the star sign of mystic death, symbolized by the back legs of a funeral cot.  This is also said to be the abode of Ahir Budhnya or the Serpent of the Deep.

This new moon will resurrect feelings which have previously rested at the bottom of our emotional ocean.  Uttara Bhadrapada asks us to look at our emotions as a tool for greater union with life and seek to understand the maturity required to express them on the surface of the world.  Our emotional life is often compared to water or to the ocean.  It saturates our existence.  If we feel good, then we can be anywhere and find happiness.  If we feel bad, then even if we find ourselves in paradise, we will not be able to enjoy it.  What does this tell us about the power of our emotions?  Our emotions are our first and foremost place of residence.  They are the real home we are living in.  They are the foundation of our life. 

We find that all of the waves of the ocean are on the surface, i.e., the drama of life is usually on the top layers.  This is where the friction of the temperamental, stormy atmosphere and the salty dense waters of the sea kiss and clash.  As Uttara Bhadrapada is the sign of mystic or shamanic rite of passage, this new moon marks the time to leave the play of the waves and go beneath; to leave the noise of our surface thoughts and ask ourselves what is truly at the heart of our emotional self.  We should look to which nutrients or seeds need to be sown in our foundational-self; our feeling-self.  What does the deep soil of our most private, hidden and intimate self look like? Is it dark, rich and nourished, ready to receive the seeds of life or beaten by the harsh winds of self-denial, uprooting the fruitful trees of potential? 

Our previous full moon was in Uttara Phalguni, the sign of the back legs of the marriage bed and of the bliss of the unions of opposites.  It is the sign of receiving love from others.  Uttara Bhadrapada, the back legs of the funeral cot opposes this star system in the sky and it wishes to consume concern for everything leaving us with the foundation of self-love alone.  It is said that if we do not love ourselves, we cannot love others.  Uttara Bhadrapada asks us to take the hand of the great mystery and follow her into the depths of our spirit.  The serpent of the deep, who moves the foundations of the earth, awakens and stirs, drawing us to more profound waters.  She may shake off all of the unneeded sediment and dry top soil of emotional scars before she reveals our new home.  You may find yourself on a new continent after the earthquake of her movement. Enveloping you in the electric current of much needed stimulation and change, even if that change is paralyzing at first.  

This is the time to allow yourself to be temporarily paralyzed by your feelings.  Allow the vibrations of this powerful serpent of inspired emotion to guide you into the depths of your real home within.  From that foundation, build your life anew and the trees that you plant here will grow fruit not only for yourself, but for the whole world.  

My prayer for all of us on this electrical new moon is to be guided by the subtle currents rising from the depths of our inner most self, transcending fear and despair, and allowing us to arrive at a place of true unconditional inner stability based on self acceptance, self love and unconquerable compassion for the human condition.  I pray that those of you that are capable of diving to the depths bring back the pearls of inner attainment to those of us still struggling on the surface.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
(Peace, Peace, Peace)