- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

APRIL 26th, 2017 NEW MOON 




Magic, miracles, healing, wit and trickery color many ancient stories.  Deep within these tales, we often find profound guidance and restoration of heart and mind.  Our new Moon will be aligned with a mystical lunar mansion this month, the abode of the Ashwin Kumars, twins born of light and mist.  They are known as horsemen driving the chariot that brings dawn and dusk, miracle-workers, swift and mischievous.  Often testing the character of the one they choose to heal.  The Ashwins are the physicians of the gods and were brought into the world upon the heels of exposing illusion.  LIGHT, SHADOW & MISTS:  The Sun, their father, was too intense for his elemental wife, Saranyu, a sky goddess of clouds and mists.  She had called for the help of her sister Shadow to take her place in his bed and home.  When Shadow insulted one of their children (Death), the Sun recognized she was truly not his wife.  He pursued Saranyu through the forest.  She ran from him shape-shifting into a mare.  The Sun also transformed into a horse and joined her producing the Ashwini Kumars, the horse princes.   Light and Mist found their union in the form of the horse.

In the Atharva Veda, they are referred to as “Ashvayuj” which means “harnessing horses”. This star sign allows for the harnessing of raw or primal power (energy), and not only harnessing but precision to carry out detailed works of miraculous nature.  They are said to defy natural law with their magic, wit and skill.  In many stories, they restore sight to the blind, they bend time by restoring long-lost youth and even successfully perform a head transplant surgery which cleverly tricks a god out of his curse on an individual.   They are also masters at removing the deadliest poisons.  Therefore, Ashwini is the most auspicious star sign to receive a surgery or healing.  It is the best to start or begin anything new, including the working of healing magic. The potent restorative energy in this nakshatra is even said to be able to revive those on the brink of death & to concretely answer prayers. 

The latent potency of this sign may also surface pain & poisons from the hidden or forgotten past to be healed.  The divine physicians may show us the places most hidden by shadow; they may reveal our inner sicknesses or wounds inflicted by the cruel staff of Time.   As we sit in the shade of Time, the shadow it castes shapes our apparent, linear path.  If we dive deeper into the story of the birth of the children of the Sun, we also learn that Saturn himself, who is often referred to as ‘Father Time’ was born of the Sun’s union with Shadow (Chaya).  The Sun, therefore, always rejects Saturn as he was not born of his lawful wife but of his wife’s deceit.  This apparent path of time roots us in specific identities (shadows) that can never be carried into the light of the Sun without be exposed (all things in the material world are subject to sudden change just as a shadow morphs).  Saranyu brings in her sister Shadow out of sheer survival.   But the Ashwins, being born during pursuit of the truth, bring forward the medicine for the illusions of Time.  Their power of Spirit, whose forceful push for freedom from the constraints of the illusion of Time, can be called upon under the Ashwini Moon cycle. 

The Ashwins may guide us to the places in our body and mind that require the more attention.  Our body and mind request rejuvenation yet some of us may ignore this cry out of habitual self-abuse or habits that lock us into Time’s grip in a way that undesirable.  We then feel dominated by fate and Time seems an enemy.  In truth, Time is an ally but we often must acknowledge the miracles around us before we realize the value of Death and Time.  The Ashwini Kumars are masters of fate, time, shadow, light and creative will power.  They work with light, sky, mist and shadow to weave their miracles.  Without the shadow, light would have no contrast and without the contrast, self-awareness is impossible.  We would never know what needs to be healed if we remain in our own shadow.  During an Ashwini new Moon, Natural Law herself is willing to bend to the miracles of the Spirit. 
Horses and horsemen have a prominent place in lore, and what we may believe is mere myth often holds more weight than what we define as reality.  The Ashwins are in many ways magicians of the other realms, wielding the force of the Dawn and Dusk.  Ushering in a new age.   This extreme force and power can be as destructive as it is healing.  It can be competitive, dominating and self-centered if not understood.  In many cases, we may find that the sign of Ashwini is associated with revolutionaries both favored and not favored in history.   Those people who are responsible for ingenious scientific inventions as well as those people who wield a dangerous and commanding force, like an angry child with the infamous ring of power.  The potential to greatly inspire and to transport others into a different era is fertile here.  Ashwini nakshatra marks a moment in time reminding us all that great healing is possible even after the most devastating loss.  The wounds inflicted by time can be restored to youth, to a moment when even knowledge of the wound was unimagined.  The Ashwins bring peace to calamity, they bring medicine for the plagues, salve to the ailing, healing to the sick and freedom for those in bondage.  Being elemental Sons of mist and light, their electrical pulse can be felt and restores all.  
My prayer for us all is for the light-bearers of the Dawn and the shadow-workers of the Dusk to bring their swift healing to our bodies, hearts and minds.  May the damaging imprint of Time lift and move away from our lives, just as the cloud parts to let the light of the Sun and Moon grace the Earth.  May the cosmic rewind, the journey to the past meet the future, and embrace in such a way that we no longer feel the need to push unnaturally against the present.  May all beings be at peace, may all beings find shelter, be healed and find rest after the journey.