- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 

JUNE 9th, 2017 FULL MOON 


Our full Moon will be aligned with Antares, the principle star or Yogataara of the Vedic sign Jyeshtha.  Jyeshtha is the constellation of the King of the gods, Indra.  This is a sign weighted with many responsibilities.  These duties involve protecting the throne of the heavens from dark forces as well as maintaining spiritual merit worthy of wielding such authority.  Not just anyone can sit in this seat, and Indra guards this seat fiercely with the power of his tapas (mystic austerity).   Though Indra is a great soul, he is also subjected to powerful jealousy, lust, rage and arrogance that lands him in trouble often.  When Indra makes a mistake, the entire heavenly realm suffers with him.  Thus, the responsibility to protect in this sign is felt greatly. 
Jyeshtha is a defensive and sometimes offensive sign, symbolized by the charmed amulet; a sign of magical protection and influence.  It is also represented by an earring, a sign of identity and status and the umbrella, a symbol of the ruling class.  The magical amulet also shows the desire to test one’s own will against fate; to take control or take destiny into one’s own hands.    There are many other elements to this nakshatra, such as its connection with Alakshmi (literally ‘without Lakshmi’) but we will keep this simple for clarity’s sake.  It is potent to note however, that the word Jyeshtha often refers to the eldest in the family. 
As our Moon quickly approaches slow-moving retrograde Saturn, let’s brace ourselves for the weeks ahead. Let’s pay attention to the strong emphasis on Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn this week.  In the same time frame, Jupiter, another slow-moving Planet who has been retrograde, will be going direct.  Saturn and Jupiter both share an interest in the masses and social structure.  They also blend well in policy making and social service.  Saturn is the Planet of the authority of the people, as opposed to the Sun who is singular or individual authority or the power of the government.  Those who rule or govern are indicated by the Sun and Moon.  Jupiter is the Planet connected to the welfare of the people and society, as a whole. Most things which are supportive of a thriving society, hinge on Jupiter.  Including a healthy political foundation. 
With Mercury, Mars and Venus in the sidelines of the Sun, and Moon quickly moving through the middle path of Jupiter and Saturn, we will see an eruption of energies surface related to personal and societal life.  Government, sensitive information and most of all security will be topics.  National or homeland security is a major theme with the sign of Jyeshtha.  As the Moon shows us what energy will be allowed to grow, the energies related to Jyeshtha such as attack, defense, protection and possible domination will be elevated. 
During this Moon, the outcome of our decisions may be under extreme examination.  How secure have our boundaries been?  What has been our life’s policy?  Has our magical will aligned us with protection or left us vulnerable to outside forces?  It is time to reclaim and rewrite our intentions.  It is also time to honor our shields, acknowledging that protection is welcome.  Just as the body has a natural immune response to invasion, the mind and heart have an automatic response to those things which we need to flush out and guard against.  

Trust your intuition.  Trust your own inner council.  This is not the time to rely on others for direction.  It is a time to reclaim your self.   Reclaim all parts of yourself that are wondering on various paths, and pull them into one focus.  Straighten that which is bent and unhinged.  No one knows what you truly need as clearly as you do.  Trust yourself.  Have faith in your own internal compass.  When you care for your real needs, the umbrella of your security can extend to others.  Until you have reestablished your center and called forth your energy from places it does not belong, it is best not to let anyone inside your inner gates.
Our animal, bird and plant friends connected to Jyeshtha are the male deer (Stag) and male rabbit, the brahmani duck and crow and the silk-cotton tree.  We can honor these friendships to invoke the healing energies of Jyeshtha and contemplate the natural intelligence present in these life forms. Connecting with natural forces balances our minds and puts life into proper prospective. There is a great need for this when Jyeshtha is operating.
My prayer for all of us during this Jyeshtha Full Moon is that we can reclaim all energy that has been lost.  All that we may have given away from carelessness or folly, may those wounds be healed. May forgiveness be granted.  Whatever we have misplaced, may we learn and regather strength. May we reclaim our power from those who do not deserve it. (This includes those who have hurt us.  When we feel intense emotion towards someone we are draining our river into their pond.  Withdraw that which is naturally vital to you.) May that which has been straying find its way back.  It is time to understand our birth rite.  May the misfortune of yesterday be uprooted and may the beauty of true prosperity be allowed to enter the fortress of your life.