- Vedic Astrology by Eve - 



A Left-Handed Contract

What the shadow knows, he conceals from the light in fear of his own extinction.  

The shadow knows well that she (the light) will ruthlessly uproot his existence.  The shadow also realizes that without his relationship to her, contrast is impossible and a sea of darkness will swallow him, leaving him without definition.  This delicate dance between shadow and light is maintained with a secret agreement that is written by the left-hand while the right-hand goes about it’s linear perception of life.  

This may sound cryptic.  Yet this is the most basic, mundane foundation of life.  

That which is hidden remains concealed by that which is obvious. 

We may not pay attention to this, but this is true in every way and can be observed in repeating patterns all around us.  

Our Moon will be receiving full rays of effulgence while aligned with the sign of Shatabhishaka, which we have visited before.  Shatabhishaka is a star sign associated with mystery, concealment, discovery, ceremonies, investigation and the night.  It is the star sign of Cosmic Order and is a sister-sign to Anuradha, the sign of diplomacy, negotiation, oaths, the path and the other portion of Cosmic Law.  

Though we have visited Shatabhishaka before and learned about Varuna and Varuni, this Moon will be considerably different in feel and quality. 

 (Varuna and Varuni are Rig Vedic deities associated with this sign.  They are god and goddess of the cosmic waters below and above.  Akashaganga means ‘sacred river of the sky’ and refers to the galaxies.  Therefore, Varuna is truly a cosmic deity.) 

The Revelation; Freedom Unsustained

Let’s be prepared for the revelation that it is sometimes better to surrender and conserve energy for the escape, than it is to mindlessly fight that which we do not fully comprehend.  Perhaps we have underestimated the depth of what we are facing. 

If our own shadow is so adept at survival and can dodge the direct light of our awareness, imagine the shadow of the collective consciousness that has infinite places to hide and a plethora of excuses and justifications to pull out the hat!  

We often feel freedom is won by fighting or a kind of demonstration of will power, but we fail to see the obvious malnutrition that the fragile body of freedom is suffering from.  Freedom is a beautiful idea but a rarely visited location.  No doubt, freedom is discussed and debated gluttonously but in the end, her true image is neglected and even starved.  When we perceive our idea of freedom, we tend to limit her with our inability to see outside of our own circle.  We may need to bow our heads in surrender to the deeper, all-pervading intelligence in order to step out of our immediate circle and see more clearly.  

The Reckoning;  The Marriage of Head (Sky) and Path (Earth)

That which we label as a defeated may have spread seeds during the battle that are now trees in full bloom.  The DNA of past habits and tendencies live on well after personal victory.

The dismissal of critical realities serves no one.  The denial of problems only allows them to breed. It gives them more time with the shadow who loves to write contracts in the dark. 

We often think the core of an issue is rooted in a particular place.  Sometimes when we bow our head, we see the path that we have been treading up close and personal.  With our head down, we see the details of the path.  We can see who has followed us and what condition the path has left us in. 

The path that has led you to your current place is sacred.  This Moon is an excellent time to look back and acknowledge even the little steps.  Bewilderment may become gratefulness.  Loss may become gain. When the head is down, the heart rises higher.    Acceptance of that which cannot be immediately defeated, changed or even understood is wise for the next lunar month.    

If the enemy castes an unconquerable shadow, we may get farther by playing the role of the defeated (surrendered) so as to satisfy it’s ego and sneak past the guard in the middle of the night!  Self-righteous integrity slung at the face of a hydra-headed foe will only infuriate it’s need to dominate more.  It is time to be clever and have the humility to solve problems, even if it requires being in the background, unknown and unseen.  

Disconnected Connection; Hungry Hounds of the Cyber-Void  

The path to what we are really searching for often has it’s lay-lines through the internal network of our purer-self.  The most simplistic, authentic self within us is not wasteful or indulgent.  That ‘self’ is satisfied with just knowing.  This ‘knowing’ acknowledges itself within the eyes of all other living beings and drinks in that genuine connection.  It doesn’t blow a horn every time it enters the room and engage in experience-consumption to the point of insatiability.  On the contrary, it sees with fresh eyes each time it enters the same room and is at deeply satisfied.  The other self that is busy ‘signing agreements in the dark’ may constantly seek connection and validation outside, even in complex ways.  This self has a large appetite and the more it eats, the more dissatisfied it is.  

During this Moon we can remind ourselves it is OK to withdraw.  It is OK to retreat.  It is beautiful to find strength in surrender.  These actions often leave us feeling more connected though it would seem opposite.  We will be OK if we put down our phone and stay away from our laptop for one day.  We may even find ourselves refreshed and more available for the important people in our lives. 

Sometimes what we define as connecting, is entirely disconnected.  That which we see as disconnected and withdrawn, in reality is more connected. 

Are we more interested in each others projection than the reality of the experience we share on Earth? Our beautifully constructed illusions are entertaining but do they provided the nourishment of true substance?  

My prayer for us all during this Full Moon is that we all take time to acknowledge the center of gravity within each living being around us.  May we see the real value of others without requiring anyone to prove their outer worthiness.  Our outer-selves are literally shadows within shadows, often concealing the places we truly to need to be held.  

May we consider that sometimes when we fight for a cause without proper understanding, we complicate life for others.  I pray that we all wake up to the fact that we no longer need teams.  Earth is weeping for unification.  The more we sow division, the more she drinks the blood of her own children.  

May we realize how infinitely connected we are in the silence of the truth we share, unified through breath our Ancient Goddess Earth.  I pray that we all invite that depth of silence into our hearts even for two hours during this Full Moon.  May we put aside our external selves constructed of opinions and personality long enough to look down and see the path we are actually walking.  Honor this time to see who else is journeying the long road with you. How long have they been next to you without meaningful acknowledgement?  

Our heads are heavy with too much information.  May they rest on the lap of the Earth. I pray that we let our hearts rise by allowing our heads to bow. As the intellect sinks into the Earth, the intelligence of the heart is called forward to act. The head has many voices but the heart has one.  When we reside here, we are not deceived by those who wish to sow seeds of discord and disinformation.  The indisputable fact is that we all share this time, this space, and each action or word impacts others even if by a little.  

May we all drink from the Awakened Ocean. 

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."

-Gautama Buddha