ZENBUNNI Chocolate Club

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Come take a trip with us around the world with South American cacao's, India's jaggery, and exotic spices, flowers, herbs, berries, and essential oils from across the globe.

Each Full Moon you'll receive a variety of chocolates and other goodies, ranging from exclusive experiments not available in shops, to hot coco's, spice blends, and other chocolate related delights.

Gift yourself or someone you Love Zenbunni Chocolate for either 3, 6, or 13 Moon Cycles.

*Order by the New Moon to receive the bounty of the next Full Moon*

*Shipping is not included for International Subscriptions, please contact us at order@Zenbunni.com for a quote*

Thank you for Supporting a MamaPapaBaby company committed to Conscious Commerce and healing the Earth! We're so excited to share this Chocolate Club Journey with you!